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Thread: your dream to meet ELVIS [IF IT HAPPENED]

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    your dream to meet ELVIS [IF IT HAPPENED]

    can you imagine if you had the chance to meet E.P. how would you lmagine it and what would you do,say,ask. Well i'm no differn't than the millions out there , even though i saw E.P departing at ohare in oct 76, i was only 30 meters away screaming with all the ladies [i think i was louder though, hey this was when i was a mere lad of 21] i didn't even bother to zap pics but any way i always wondered and dreamed how i would one day meet MY MENTOR, OBSESSION, IDOL, MASTER[yes i believe you get the pic], my favorite would be to see a show ringside in vegas acompanied by MR AND MRS PRESLEY[wouldn't it be great if she had lived to see her pride and joy become master of his craft] and yes priscilla would be there too, making her usual advances toward me[sorry ELVIS , but this is my dream], all kidding aside, after the show i would take the elevator with THE PRESLEYSand little yisa and we would be escorted into the dressing room where ELVIS slaps me on the back and says , how the hell are you doing man, its bin way to long since i seen ya, how was the show, of course my response would be GRRRRRRRRRREAT, you know what you gotta come over for dinner tommorow, i tell ya what , i'll send a car for you bright and early tommorow, and you get on the plane to MEMPHIS, and we'll see ya then ok just tell harold my cousin your name, ok ELVIS i'll be there, oh lets take a photo, mama, daddy can you come here so we can take a photo of MEMPHIS 77, ok man i will see ya tommorow don't forget, FORGET, hell no, well its a sure hot day here in memphis , hi I'M MEMPHIS 77 , hi there i'm HAROLD LOYD ELVIS cousin, nice to meet ya , hes waitin on ya, gee could this walk up the drive be any longer. KNOCK KNOCK- WHY hello MEMPHIS 77 how yall doin sure is hot today come inside , hi memphis , hello mr presley, you like ice tea, or a beer? i'll have anything don't matter, by the way these are for ELVIS-OH MY LOOK VERNON them is sure nice belts , hes gonna love this let me tell ya, whats that - oh thats ELVIS playin the piano, go on insde[you can hear him singing WHEN THE SNOW IS ON THE ROSES] he finishes and i'm in the entry with jaw opened, totally frozen, [ELVIS]- hey man i didn't see ya there, thanks for comming, [MRS PRESLEY]- heres the gifts that memphis brang ya, [ELVIS] GOD ALMIGHTY these are beautiful man, i'm gonna try them on, [VERNON] - supper is almost ready lets go to the table[ELVIS]- uh cilla and lisa are out shoppin they won't be joining us[aw to bad, gosh darnet], ahh there we go, you like pork chops, taters , gravy, and for dessert paulne fixed a deep apple pie[MRS PRESLEY] -it's so nice to haVE YOU IN ARE HOME MEMPHIS, [MEMPHIS]- THANK YOU MRS PRESLEY, [ELVIS]- yeah memphis , listen there is a spare room, down stairs, man it's yours and i ain't gonna take no for an answer, [VERNON] -but son, strangers and all [ELVIS ] Ah hell daddy he's family the brother i never had], [MEMPHIS ] I'M full, [ELVIS]- me to man, lets go down stairs play some pool[memphis] great, ahh it was a great game E.P. . [ELVIS], Hey let me show you aroud the place, thats the jungle room, that the basement , and this is the raquetball court, this is the trophy room, MEMPHIS]-WOW, WOW .WOW,, [ELVIS ] yeah it's nice, i sure love fans like y'all, hey let's go up stairs listen to some records, and fool with a song i've bin singing[after listening to his own recordings , E.P. tells me to hand him the guitar that on the chair, listen to this-JUST PRETEND , I'M HOLDIN YOU.........[after the whole song], ELVIS says he wants to get some rest and instructs PAULINE the lead maid to get the room downstairs ready, cause MEMPHIS 77 is going to live here at GRACELAND permanently, [ELVIS] oh yeah hers some threads of mine i hope thety fit ya, anyway have a goodnights rest cause we go on tour tommorow, and i need you there , and by the way theres gonna be alot of pretty gals wantin to get to know ya[hey i can dream can't i ] ahh what a comfortable bed , and this jumsuit sure feels great. a bit heavy to sleep in , but i'll make it work. THIS DREAM WILL BE CONTINUED. again its just a dream, of one of his many, many fans.

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    I would like to motorcycling with Elvis around Memphis at night and then going to sleep in Graceland(early in the morning just as Elvis did )
    The next day we would go playing with guns in the backyard and shoot on bottles.
    then we were going to play raquetball and have alot of fun
    then when evening falls were going to take a dinner,and after that we were going upstairs and Elvis and Charlie would discuss what songs he would do and jumpsuit he would wear.
    Elvis is a little nervous because he is going to play in the Mid-South Coliseum and want to give a good show that night.
    And then suddenly he asks meave what would you think if i wear this jumpsuit tonight?
    He hold the Indian Feather Suit for me and I say:Elvis,you look great in that suit.
    ELVIS:Thanks man,if you say you like it,i will wear it.
    Then i go downstairs and Elvis is going to dress him up.
    About a half hour Elvis comes downstairs and he looked great.
    I walk to him and want to give him a hand and wish him luck(it was my last nigth there)but he look to me and then said,are you leaving???
    I said:yeah,i'll have to go.
    Elvis started to smile and said:Are you insane????Such a huge fan like you comes to my show tonignht and gets the best tickets!!
    I was so happy and we were going to the coliseum and i saw all those fans screaming when they saw the car.I was the one who had the luck to be with Elvis Presley in his car.
    Then the show began and he looked very happy.
    He sang rare songs like Such a night and Blueberry hill and my all times favorite: How Great Thou Art.
    After the show i went backstage and we directly get into the car headed for Graceland.Elvis was burned out but he looks at me and he said:that was a good show wasn't it?Did you enjoyed it?
    I looked at him and said:Yes Elvis that was the greatest concert i have ever seen.
    Then we were back at graceland
    and i went back at home and he was getting some rest
    I'd like to go to Graceland

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    I don't think I could top that at the moment. I sure enjoyed reading it lol

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    I would have liked to have been his brother, Thomas William Presley.

    I dream a world where man no other man
    will scorn. Where LOVE will bless the earth
    and peace its paths adorn...

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    knock, knock, hey memphis you up man- [memphis-oh mornin E.P., [ELVIS- so how'd you sleep[MEMPHIS-not to bad , this suit sure is a killer to sleep in, especially the cape, and the belts a little tight, [ELVIS - HA, HA, HA,, , hey lets go upstairs for breakfeast, mama sure is cookin up whirl of food, bacon, bisquits, gravy, eggs, ham hocks, collard greens, pinto beans, chess pie, and as an appetizer some fried peanut butter and bannana sanwhiches[MEMPHIS-well that 'll keep us goin all day[ELVIS- hell no man , tonight were gonna have chicken fried steak, mash potatos, gravy, roast beef, and for dessert, peanut butter sandwhiches,UH CILLAA is out practicing karate with her instructor MIKE STONE, i really like this cat he's showin cilla alot of moves, she really likes karate, every time she comes back home she 's got the biggest smile on her face, here in the south we call it frog hoppin, [MEMPHIS-thinking silently says yeah we call it frog humpin from where i'm from too,[ELVIS-nah you didnt hear ne right i said frog hoppin, not humpin[MEMPHIS-oh sorry elvis , [MRS PRESLEY- well there you are precious, thing you, good mornin darlin[MEMPHIS-AW GEE WIZ mrs presley , morning yo you to, [VERNON-uh memphis , mrs presley was speaking to elvis, and by the way you sure you wanna eat in that suit, if it gets dirty the laundry bill is commin out of your end, [MEMPHIS- yes sir i understand, GOOD LORD E.P. look at all this food, man 3 tables of food, wow[ELVIS -uh no memphis were eating at this table, the other 2 tables are for lamar. [MRS PRESLEY- so what you boys gonna do today alvis, [ELVIS- well mama after breakfeast were headin to vegas, and ol memphis is gonna meet some of the other boys[MEMPHIS- gee that sure is a great high chair, lisa wust love that, but ain't she to ol for a high chair[VERNON-that's CHARLIES chair memphis, by the way where is he , is he still in bed that little s.o.b. doesn't he know that time is money, at his age i held down a job for ,... well ,.. i 'll go get his *** up., suddenly a ruckus at the door- it's LISA , [MRS PRESLEY- well hows my angel this mornin, [ELVIS- i was listening to that album , oh yeah cd last night, man it was almost as hard to listen to as those **************** TOM JONES albums, that he keeps givin me, anyway this is my daughter LISA[MEMPHIS- nice to meet ya lisa, you sure are a beautiful young woman-[ELVIS- memphis don't make me pull out my gun, anway this is my good ol, trustworthy, loyal, twin, double and all around good guy memphis,[LISA-sure is nice to meet ya memphis is it [MEMPHIS - yep that's right, [ELVIS - well we gotta go, LARD ***, i mean lamar, go start up the blackhawk, and bring it to the front, memphis you drive, [MEMPHIS- ok elvis , **************** this is a beut of a machine, [ELVIS- i tell ya what since you like it, i'm gonna give it to you, just make sure we get on THE LISA MARIE on time[MEMPHIS-ok elvis , my god i can't believe this is happening, i put on the stereo in the car and what do you know, A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION is playing, and elvis is takin a well desrved nap, and this jumpsuit i have on is killing me, i can't breate, and i can't see a **************** thing with these glasses he gave me[everthing is red, the tint of these things , its like lookin through a laser] and i just wish that charlie would shut the hell up back there, [singin along to a little less .....] TO BE CONTINUED!

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