from the June 1977 newsletter...the conclusion
From the Saginaw ``News`` (Michigan)
....An Elvis concert makes for an interesting time of people watching---not only watching this pulsating SUPERSTAR sing and work his magic, but watching the legions of fans carry on. It appears they'll kill just to snatch one of the sweaty scarves he flings at them like golden coins.
Elvis dispite being in his 40's and carrying extra pounds stills turns 'em on. He still has taht animal magic that power that wiht a single swivel or smirk or glare can elicit screams of ``on ELLLLLvis We Love You``.
Fans of PRESLEY are loyal dedicated and devoted to a point of near-reverence for the semi-deity of popular music. Form matters more than substance and content to them.
The KALAMAZOO ``GAZETTE``.....17 years ago, as Elvis Presley was getting ready to end his two-year stint repairing Army jeeps in the motor pool at the U.S. base in Bad Nauheim, Germany, he was asked if he planned to change his singing style when he returned to civilian life.
``I don't have any reason to change``, he told a reporter. ``The people will let you know when you should``.
There was still no change in sight Tuesday night (April 26) when the Pelvis bumped onto the Wings Stadium stage for the second time in six months, and the capacity audience of just over 7,300 let him know they're still getting waht they want.
By the time the star ran through ``Hound Dog`` and ``Early Morning Rain``, the crowd seemed satisfied...even through there was no offer of ``Moody Blue``, which recently climbed into the TOP 40 as the closest thing Presley had to a hit in some time.
But then, who needs a hit when you can wear diamond rings the size of banty eggs, and pack any stadium you want to visit.

The Milwauukee Journal...ELVIS PRESLEY shattered a lot of myths and made a lot of money at the arena Wednesday night (April 27). A sellout crowd of 11,854 persons paid $167,272.50 to see Elvis, the largest gross purse ever for a non-charity concert at the arena, but that was only part of the story.
Elvis also cut himself down to size, exploded al the myths about being the greatest, the true SUPERSTAR of Rock n' Roll. He recived some of the wildest adulation ever given an entertainer in Milwaukee.

The Greenbay News-Chronicle...After six weeks of waiting for what they beleived to be the world's greatest entertainment act, 6,534 Elvis Presley loyalist's caught a falling star Thursday night (April 28) at the Brown County arena.

The Duluth News-Tribune...A somewhat subdued yet happy...almost giddy--Elvis Presley did what he does best again Friday night (April 29) in the Duluth Arena. A capacity crwod get what it came for at $12.00 to $15.00 a head for a show that was identical in most ways to the one Elvis put on here in October.
The ELVIS magic was still intact. Woman still scream and try to make it to the stage to be immortalzied by a kiss. A few made it.
It's becoming fashionable for reviewer's to say that Elvis is slipping a bit, but it's never safe to understimate the boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, who empact on popular culture at mid-century and beyond is undisputed.
As radio commentator Paul Harvey said in 1955...``The kid won't last a year``.
He was one of the thousand who changed their minds about Elvis, and found out what we knew all along that Elvis is really terrific and ONE OF A KIND.

The St-Paul Dispatch....It was an evening the Colonel probably appreciated. There was the KING, swaying back and forth before an adoring public, belting out his hits with grace and flair for a jam-packed house of 17,000 which had paid approxzimately $200,000 to come and watch.
The creers of Col. Parker and Elvis have become legendary in the musis business. Presley, under the managerial genious of Colonel Parker, has survived 20 years of pretenders to retain the title KING OF ROCK 'N ROLL.
He has sold more records than anyone...including the Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.
He has more charisma, more of a following, more sheer `name magic` than just about any performer in the 20th century.
ANY WONDER THEN that a mob of well-dressed fans in their late 20's, 30's and 40's (about 70% female) turned out the re-welcome the KING to the Twin Cities (at the Civic Center) Saturday night (April 30).
AND AFTER a few moments of opening clumsiness, he did right well with his singing Saturday night. You have ti give the guy credit...the hold he has on folks is genuine.
On my way out of the Civic Center, I wondered about the reaction of Elvis' fans. Was 55 minutes enough?
And what I heard was: ``Didn't he look great?``...``He doesn't look fat at all``, ``He still the most beautiful man in the world``, ``What I wouldn't give to have him alone for 20 minutes``, ``I hope he gets over his cold. I hate to think of him being uncomfortable``, ``I wonder if he has to dye his hair``,
``What kind of shoes was he wearing?``....
Nothing about the performance. Nothing about anything or anyone else than Elvis.
In other words, The KING STILL HAS HIS CROWN...He's fans still adore and can see no wrong.

Saginaw News...That he is a KING of sorts was shown last night (May 3) and April 25 when he appeared before capacity crowds at Wendler Arena. The overwhelming reception and adulation he recieved from his avid fans made his concerts memorable events.
Presley moved on to the stage and bursting more than an hour satisfied the majority of the audience with his minimal renditions of his numrous million seller selections.

The Courier-Journal Louisville Kentucky...(May 21)...Early in the concert Elvis Presley swung into ``Treat Me Like A Fool``, one of his all-time oldie-goldie, break your heart hits and the 19,000 souls in Freedom Hall wemt abosolutely stark-raving bonkers.
Strutting back and forth in his gold-braid-on white Captain Marvel suit, Elvis smiled (or smirked, it was hard to tell which), then glanced down at a lovely tanned blond who was standing next to the stage.
The blond wanted something. No doubt about that, So Elvis, ever cool obliged. He unwrapped a blue scarf from around his sweaty neck and flipped it deftly into the blond's out-stretched claws. And he disn't let go, instead he slowly pulled the scarf toward him as he dropped to one knee. Then while 19,000herats throbbed out of control. Elvis leaned over and kissesd the blond squarely on her willing lips.
So it went last night as Elvis Presley...the once, present and future KING of Rock n' Roll...came to Louisville fore the third time in 4 years to prove again, that even in middle age he is still can turn on a crowd unlike anyone in show business.
The voice was still there, too. From ``CC Rider`` to ``That's All Right, Mama``, to ``Jailhouse Rock`` to ``Hurt``, Elvis proved that the pipes still are strong, that he can belt it out when he wants to, just like the old days. And of course, he still is the only man in America who can simply glance over his shoulder---or wiggle his left thigh---and trun thousand of women onto stark-raving animals.

From The Providence Journal...There was a point last night, during the Elvis concert at the Civic Center, when he started to sing ``My Way``. The first reaction was to bridlle. After all, Elvis? Singing a Paul Anka song? That Frank Sinatra made famous? Elvis? One THE symbol of youthful rebellion againts all that is shallow and phony, singing the Las Vegas national anthem? Is this what happens to rock 'n rollers when they get to be 42?
But he was tremendous. Sure, those lyrics about ``bitting it off and spitting it out``, and stuff are so contrived as to be totally ridiculous, but Presley's performance saved them, hard as that may be to beleive.
Singing as though he really meant what he was singing, really putting his heart into it, he reminded us all that he really HAS done it his way. The former truck driever from Tupelo, Miss., who scandalized all tje 40-year old with his hip-shaking and such, who posed such a threat to society as we knew it, is a star now, and a big one. And he really hasn't changed a;; that much.

From the Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine)****
More than 7,000 persons got the thrill of the lifetime Tuesday night (May 24), when Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of rock ' n roll, played the Augusta Arena Center. About 10;15pm the lights went down and the orchestra began haunting, emperial strains of the theme from ``A Space Odyssey``. Then it started, it was deafining. One shrill cream filled the hall. The stage lights, slowly strolling it's entire length and back again, seemingly drinking it all in. The screams now reached a crescendo and stayed there for nearly a minute. It subsided. A slight undulation of his hips and it started once more.
He didn't have to sing. All he had to do was stand there and move something..a finger, a leg, a shake of the head. It was all the same. Everytime he struck a different pose, the flashbulbs and the screams would start again.
But Elvis did sing and it was his old stuff that brought the greatest response. ``Love Me``, ``Jailhouse Rock``, ``It's Now Or Never``, ``Don't Be Cruel``, ``Heartbreak Hotel`` and more.
****Note from Bogarcon: This was my second and last concert that I saw. The first one was in Uniondale June 1973.

The Rochester Democrat And Chronicles...ELVIS PRESLEY 's love affair with at least two generations of American women is alive and well. They came in all sizes and shapes to see the KING of rock 'n roll. Over 9,000 strong to see the man who still endure as the FIRST SUPERSTAR OF ROCK.
By the number, ``Amen``. The women were in their glory, singing and clapping along. Then they sat back and except for the few near the stage who rushed Elvis for kisses, handshakes or pieces of clothing, they listened, more with an air of curirsity then anythinh else.

From the Jacksonville Florida Time-Union...He's 42 years old and Monday night (May 30) he was wearing a white jumpsuit, trimmed in gold chain and sequins, before a packed house of 10,300. He gave them the old standards of ``CC RIDER``, ``I Got A Woman`` and ``Fairytale``. It hardly seems possible, but it was 21 years ago that he first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and the network cameras cut him off at the waist. A whole generation of kids grew up beleiving the man had no legs. But what he couldn't show in 1956, he can in 1977. And he did. Elvis twitched, rotated, shook, gyrated, motivated and, every now and then he sang.

Despite what you read or hear, here and we're healthy and the hell with anything else...said Elvis Presley to a cheering crowd of some 12,000 fans Tuesday night (May 31) at the LSU Assembly Center. Presley, who took sick at a previous show a couple of months ago, was indeed at the Aseembly Center. And his devoted fans loved it, showering him with roses and teddy bears and plastic guitars and trophies etc,..while he tossed them sweaty scarves from around his neck.
As mentioned last year when Elvis was here, his concert is not a musical event. The fans, predominantly female, were there not to hear but to see their idol in the flesh. Still, there is an undeniable thrill when the band strikes up that dramatic intro from the movie ``2001`` by way of Strauss, and Elvis materializes to the strains of ``CC Rider``.
``WE MADE IT HERE``, he shouted to the throng, ``We're glad to be here``.`` We came to redeem ourselves``, he said.And the crowd on hand, he did just that. Hearing him to do the old ones like ``Little Sister`` and ``Don't Be Cruel`` reminds us old-timers of sock hops and the '56 chevies and malts at Hoppers. And it reminds us that Elvis, like us, ain't as young as he used to be. He's had a hell of an impact on our music, and he still could be an important performer.

FROM THE MOBILE REGISTER...What can on say, but ELVIS PRESLEY is still the KING, at least in the eyes of his devoted fans who filled the Mobile Municipal Arena Thursday night (June 2), for his long-awaited concert this time around he didn't fail to please.
He knows his audience love him and Presley has grown in his career through a generation of fans. If he and we have grown older and mellow together through the years, wouldn't it be a plessant change of pace to spend an evening with Presley...come to think of it, AN EVENING WITH PRESLEY ...doing nothing but his ballads ? Soothing, crooning, tender and mature artist in concert might be worth the change of formal sometime. Anything he does is great, so the try wouldn't hurt.
Mobile certainly looks forward to the return of ELVIS ...for his fans..and they increase constantly...that can never be too soon.

After palying the New Year's Eve Album of Elvis', I just had to put in this newsletter, if you fans don't have it yet..PLEASE DO. Like Bob Heis said in his club's newsletter..``On a scale of 1 to 10 he rates the album a 10``. Well, I rate it a big 10 plus. It is well worth the $15.00 (double LP's) just to hear when Elvis palys the piano and sings both ``Unchained Melody`` and ``Rags To Riches``. If any of you want to send for one, you can send money order to the flyer address. Another piece about this TRULY GREAT ALBUM is on next page. It will seem like you are there spending New Year's Eve With Elvis in Pittsburgh, andwhat a great way to spend New Year's Eve..RIGHT? If you so send for album, PLEASE MEMNTION YOU HEARD ABOUT IT IN THE G.I. BLUES FAN CLUB newsletter. OK, Thanks.
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