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Thread: U2's latest video - Elvis featured twice

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    U2's latest video - Elvis featured twice

    I've no idea what U2 are banging on about in this video. They haven't been relevant in about three years, IMHO.

    But this video is clever; Elvis is featured twice. Blink and you'll miss him.

    It's called Window in the Skies.

    An excerpt from the news wires:

    The lawyer for Sinatra's estate signed off on the project almost immediately (it didn't hurt that Bono had worked with Sinatra before the crooner's death). Shortly thereafter, Presley's estate agreed to allow the singer's iconic image to appear in the video and provided footage from a 1968 comeback special that synced exceptionally well with Bono's singing. "Once that happened, we went to other artists and said Sinatra and Elvis are in the video, and things really got rolling," says Jeff Estow, the man who secured hundreds of licensing rights.
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    U2 has been relevant for 25 years or so and they are still great on stage, the last album is not their master piece but its still good, to say they are not relevant its as unfair as back in '75 when some people called Elvis a totally has been... At his age Bono is in much better shape than Elvis at his 40's for sure, they are a great band and they have always been unconditional to the King, I think this is great, thanks for posting it.

    P.S. Where was Dylan and The Beatles? copyright stuff I guess, what surprise the E.P.E. did agree on something and didn't sent a crapy impersonactor for that hehe...
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    Elvis is the greatest, at this moment U2 is the best live group i've ever seen...
    Old Times they are not forgotten

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    AWESOME. Bono has always sung the King's praises. I have a friend who is a HUGE Bono/U2 fan and that brought him to Sinatra and Elvis. I'm sure Bono has enlightened many on EP's music. Plus, he did a great job narrating "From The Waist Up".
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    Wow, thank you for posting the video.. I truly enjoyed it very much.. very nice indeed. Dovey
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    U2 makes good music,and i like this song too,but when i saw the clip i like window in the skies more
    Afcourse of the Elvis footage
    I'd like to go to Graceland

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