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Thread: saying thanks to TCB WORLD

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    saying thanks to TCB WORLD

    just wanna say thanks TO TCB WORLD for a great website where ELVIS fans can truly meet, i have made quite a few friends [and enemies] on this website, it is one great site that brings fans of THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER together to talk, share their memories, you guys really have set up a great site with sharing of photos, and the tcb radio program which i love to listen to, i just wanted to say THANX i know that alot of hard work goes into keeping this site [content etc] again many thanx and applause for a job well done.

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    memphis 77,

    On behalf of TCB-World, I thank you for the very nice compliments

    Hope you will always have lots of fun here


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    Here Here ! I first came across is 8 months ago and its my favourite site

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    This is indeed a top shelf site........compliments to those whose hard work keeps this site running.
    "Mr Dickman certainly can take care of himself."

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    Thanks to the gang at TCB

    I totally agree. I found TCB in September of last year, and I have made the most wonderful friends here. I also have learned a lot more about Elvis since joining, and the gallery is incredible. Even though I have no sound, I know the TCB shows are great because the guys make the that way. The only place better than TCB would be Graceland....
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    Hi Everyone,

    I hope this question isn't old, and been answered a million times (if so, point me in the right direction to my question, lol).

    How and why did this site begin?


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    I agree with all that has been said. Really a fabulous site.
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    i totally agree with memphis and others what a good site this is.

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    re tcb world

    you know years ago you had to rely on pen and paper and had a few pen pals, and had to buy the zines to keep up, but thanx to modern tech.. wev have sites like TCB WORLD , that let's fans take a part in a great online community, just think what E.P. must be sayin[GOOD GOD IT JUST GETS BIGGER AND BIGGER, WHEN WILL IT END]

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    Yes we are lucky to have fair moderators.

    This TCB-World is growing into quite a community. With luck we will make it a place people will flock to because of the amount of respectful Elvis fans using the Forum.

    Well done TCB guys

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    I agree with everyone on the thread its a great site and i hope we have it for many years to come.
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