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Thread: your favorite ELVIS fan club zine

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    your favorite ELVIS fan club zine

    i know that there are a lot of magazines that are published on E.P. i have a subscription to 7, but here is my list of favorites , which ones are yours., ny faves are, THE MAN AND HIS MUSIC, ELVIS UNLIMITED , IT'S ELVIS TIME, ESSENTIAL ELVIS. The man and his music is by far my fave, i've bin a subscriber since the begining[88] and they tell it like it is and have some of the greatest photos, along with interviews, i realize that we really don't need a mag to be updated on E.P. events, but it's nice to get these and get someones opinion on certain releases and product, and not to mention the interviews. I love TREVOR CAJIOS book TALKING ELVIS it's loaded with interviews that appeard in the magazine over the years, and covers an aray of differn't subjects no holds barred. So what is your fave and why.

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    In Holland the Elvis For Everyone is a cool fanclub, as well as one of the oldest fanclubs in Holland, It's Elvis Time.

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    My favourite Elvis Magazine is 'Essential Elvis', by far.


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    mine would have to be elvis the man and his music,closely followed by essential elvis

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    I don't have favourite Fan magazines, but I did buy the Elvis Monthly in the early days..still have some.

    Essential Elvis is very good too. I rarely buy them now. But I like

    Because they are where they are in Hong Kong. Editor Tommy Ooi was very kind to us.

    Even Dolores Hart got a couple:-)
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