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Thread: 1977-2007...30 years of memories (3)

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    1977-2007...30 years of memories (3)

    Here is the final details that I have for the April/May and June tour.
    Hope you will enjoy. See you at the next post.
    Have a nice day, Bogarcon

    4/1/77 Fri Mobile (Al) Cancelled
    4/2/77 Sat Macon, Ga Cancelled
    4/3/77 Sun Jacksonville, Fl Cancelled

    4/21/77 Thu 8;30pm Grennsboro, N.C Coliseum
    (16,565) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 235,000$
    4/22/77 Fri 8;30pm Detroit (Mi) Olympia
    (15,600) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 229,000$
    4/23/77 Sat 8;30pm Toledo (Ohio) University of Toledo Hall
    (9,800) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 134,450$
    4/24/77 Sun 8;30pm Ann Arbor (Mi) A.A. Mich. Crisler Arena
    (12,000) Mexican Suit
    4/25/77 Mon 8;30pm Saginaw (Mi) Saginaw Center
    (7,197) Mexican Suit
    4/26/77 Tue 8;30pm Kalamazoo (Mi) Wings Stadium
    ( ?) Mexican Suit
    4/27/77 Wed 8;30pm Milwaukee (Wi) Milwaukee Arena
    (11,854) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 162,272$
    4/28/77 Thu 8;30pm Green Bay (Wi) Brown County Memorial Col.
    (6,532) Mexican Suit
    4/29/77 Fri 8;30pm Duluth (Minn) Duluth Arena
    Mexican Suit
    4/30/77 Sat 8;30pm St-Paul (Minn) Civic Center
    (17,000) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 200,527$

    5/1/77 Sun 8;30pm Chigago (Il) Chigago Stadium
    (20,000) King Of Spade
    5/2/77 Mon 8;30pm Chigago (Il) Chigago Stadium
    (19,600) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 264,050 (2 shows)
    5/3/77 Tue 8;30pm Saginaw (Mi) Saginaw Center
    (7,197) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 102,598$

    5/20/77 Fri 8;30pm Knoxville (Tenn) University of Tennessee
    (13,000) Mexican Suit
    5/21/77 Sat 8;30pm Louisville (Kentucky) Feedom Hall
    (18,000) Mexican Suit
    5/22/77 Sun 8;30pm Largo (Maryland) Capital Center
    (19,000) Mexican Suit
    5/23/77 Mon 8;30pm Providence (R.I.) Civic Center
    (13,500) Mexican Suit
    5/24/77 Tue 8;30pm Augusta (Maine) Civic Center
    (7,124) Mexican Suit
    5/25/77 Wed 8;30pm Rochester (NY) Community War Memorial
    (10,000) Mexican Suit
    5/26/77 Thu 8;30pm Binghamton (NY) Civic Center
    (??) Mexican Suit
    5/27/77 Fri 8;30pm Binghamton (NY) Civic Center
    (??) Mexican Suit
    5/28/77 Sat 8;30pm Philadelphia (Penn) The Spectrum
    (18,850) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 259,117$
    5/29/77 Sun 3;30pm Baltimore (Md) Civic Center
    (12,841) Mexican Suit Gross Receipt: 1769,350$
    5/30/77 Mon 8;30pm Jacksonville, Fl Coliseum
    (10,300) Mexican Suit
    5/31/77 Tue 8;30pm Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Assembly Center
    (15,000) Mexican Suit

    6/1/77 Wed 8;30pm Macon, Ga Coliseum
    (10,242) Mexican Suit
    6/2/77 Thu 8;30pm Mobile (Al) Municipal Auditorium
    (11,000) Mexican Suit

    6/17/77 Fri 8;30pm Springfield (Missouri) Southwest State Center
    (9,000) Mexican Suit
    6/18/77 Sat 8;30pm Kansas City (Missouri) Kemper Arena
    (17,800) King Of Spade Gross Receipt: 225,000$
    6/19/77 Sun 8;30pm Omaha, Nb Civic Auditorium
    (10,604) Mexican Suit
    6/20/77 Mon 8;30pm Lincoln, Nb Pershing Auditorium
    (7,500) Mexican Suit
    6/21/77 Tue 8;30pm Rapid City (S.D.) Mount Rushmore Center
    (10,000) Mexican Suity
    6/22/77 Wed 8;30pm Sioux Falls (S.D.) Sioux Falls Arena
    (??) Mexican Suit
    6/23/77 Thu 8;30pm Des Moines (Iowa) Veteran's Auditorium
    (11,000) Mexican Suit
    6/24/77 Fri 8;30pm Madison (Wisconsin) Dane County Coliseum
    (10,000) Mexican Suit
    6/25/77 Sat 8;30pm Cincinnati (Ohio) River Front Coliseum
    (16,795) Mexican Suit Gross receipt: 236,655$
    6/26/77 Sun 8;30pm Indianapolis (indiana) Marquet Square Arena
    (18,000) Mexican Suit*
    *Last Concert
    Have a nice day, Bogarcon

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    Wow great work Bogarcon, thank you for posting.... it is very interesting to see to where he was in 1977... nice job dovey
    Get Him, get him~~Hot D*** ~~ he's a Squirrel!

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    GREAT work Bogarcon, Nice seeing it all!

    Thank you,


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    will scorn. Where LOVE will bless the earth
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    Thanks Dovey and Tommy. As you can see by the 1977 places that Elvis did they were a lot of small town and cities that by this way it was sure to sold every seats and also strange area in the states that he never did before.
    Have a nice day, Bogarcon

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