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Thread: The new Ftd "Unchained Melody"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0349054 View Post
    They are bootleg releases. Cajun Tornado and Cajun Tornado 2 are among my favourite live recordings.
    I must have missed something...

    I have got a copy of CAJUN TORNADO, but I didn't realize there was a CAJUN TORNADO 2 that was released. (Or were you referring to the second disc of the CAJUN TORNADO release?)

    If there was indeed a CAJUN TORNADO 2 release, could you possibly post the tracklisting for it please? I would be most interested to see what is on it!!



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    I think he meant disc 2 of Cajun Tornado Mike ....don't know of a second volume of the Cajun Tornado released
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    I just got my copy the other day and i absolutely love it!!!Elvis is in great spirits,joking with the audience and band,and just in an absolute great jovial mindset,and i just love the energy that he brings with him!!!You hear all about all of the the negative things constantly ad nauseum,and then you listen to this great and very entertaining concert,and all i can do is shake my head in disbelief and disgust!,at how unfairly Elvis is described as being so inferior to previous years,and then with an open mind you listen to this awesome cd,and your transported into another galaxy,personally invited to the party of your life and dreams,and Elvis is just asking us to sit back and relax,and leave the driving to him,and man what a ride!!!!!
    A great elongated version of Love Me,which at 3 minutes plus is just a fantastic treat to hear how he perform's this great bluesy ballad!His version of Love Letters is perfect!!!He sing's this song so beautifully with a velvety voice,and it sounds as good as i've ever heard it!!!The way he interacts with both the fans and the band before,between,and after song's is just so amazing,as he is so funny,full of wit,and his unbelievable overall knowledge of music comes shining thru loud and clear,as talks about the different chords,and like when he is in the midst of performing Where no one stands Alone how he directs the band and voices!!!!!How he shows Tony Brown the right way to play Blueberry Hill,what can i say,what a treat!!!During Jailhouse Rock,i love how you hear JD etc.singing the" dancing at the jailhouse rock" parts,and just overall i love everysong,and the power numbers are simply amazing!!!!!Every song has something to offer,so if you haven't got this cd yet,don't delay and go man go and get it!!!!!
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    "Unchained Melody" FTD

    And I still can't afford it.....makes me want to cry.

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    I got my copy yesterday and have now gave it a complete listen.I was pleastantly surprised since I've heard so many negative comments about this disc.It's not a stellar show by any means but it's a good show with Elvis in a teriffic mood.He sounds like he's in control and having a good time.It's obvious that the fans are having a great time too.Charlotte really was and still is Elvis country.He has a large following here.The bonus tracks from Columbia are a nice addittion also.He performed a few tracks that are rare for 1977.I give this disc a thumbs up.The only negative I would mention is the artwork.Some of the photo's used border on ghastly.

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