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Thread: Harleys at Graceland

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    Harleys are really designed for long highways and better if you have no helmet to really enjoy the freedom. Elvis loved his bikes,all the chrome,it was flash,just how he liked things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EP75 View Post
    Bono doesn't live in America. Things are done differently and seen differently here than overseas. But anyhow nevermind because you obviously don't get it.
    Oh but I do get it Elvis fan. I'm extremely sharp when it comes to motorbikes...I did about 100,000 miles on them In a short space of time.

    Choppers are for sissys You don't often see black guys or chicks riding motorbikes. Am I right? Hope that isn't seen as racist!

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    Harley's are as popular today as ever. American Chopper is a reality TV show for a very small and rich segment of society. They don't even manufacture or fabricate their bikes, just design and purchase parts to put together.

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