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Thread: New Life for Libertyland?

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    New Life for Libertyland?

    MEMPHIS - New hope for Libertyland.
    Tuesday city council members tentatively approved a developer's letter of intent to reopen and operate the amusement park.
    If all goes as planned the park could be open by the summer.

    Joyland amusement park, which purchased Joyland in Wichita, Kansas earlier this year, not only wants to reopen this park, but do something Libertyland couldn't do.. and make it a viable operation.

    Joyland wants to pump around five million into what is left of Libertyland over the next three years.
    The developers also want to keep the one hundred year old carousel at the park and the Zippin Pippin in Memphis.
    They also want to capitalize on the park's most famous visitor.

    "One of the biggest things we looked at was they never used that as this was Elvis' you know favorite ride," Robert Barnard with Joyland Amusement Park.

    Joyland has operated at least four amusement parks in the country and says once re-opened the park in Memphis will employ up to 500 part time and 30 full time workers.
    Still, not all council members and community groups are convinced the company can turn the park around.

    "Once again this could be great, but they haven't shown us how it will be sustainable and that's our big goal.. that it's sustainable and that is going to continue to benefit the neighborhood and that they are not going to back out of it in 10 years," said Sutton Mora-Hayes with the Cooper Young Development Corporation.

    A number of Libertyland supporters at the parks committee meeting today couldn't contain their excitement and say this is the best possible move for the neighborhood and the city.
    We definitely need it.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays I'm so excited we thought this was dead," said Denise Parkinson with "save Libertyland."

    Our children need it," said Mary Ritter.

    Joyland says this deal will have to move quickly to get this park open for the summer season and says it will take an initial investment of $1-1.5 million to get the park up and running.

    The parks committee will meet again in two weeks.
    At that time Joyland will present a finalized lease agreement and development plan.
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    great news!

    let's hope that EPE will promote this amusement park, since it's so related with Elvis
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    That is great news.

    So good to hear their going to save this place, as we all know Elvis spent alot of time thier having fun.

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