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Thread: rapid city 1977

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    rapid city 1977

    Hello friends

    i love Early Mrning Rain and i really want to see the version of june 21 1977 in Rapid City,but as you all know the rapid city concert is incomplete.
    Does somebody know what happened with the footage that is left behind?


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    re rapid city 77

    we were told some years ago when this appeard on video[b&w that this was to be complete] of course it wasn't, there is talk that a new revamped version will be on DVD before years end, again just rumours.I really like REALLY DON'T WANNA KNOW[JUST EXCELLENT].

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    The whole show was excellent...only song that was missing was Big Boss Man and Polk Salad Annie. Hurt was just out of this world, suprise with crowd on there feet he didn't do reprise of it. You can tell when Elvis loves the crowd. I find this with my shows. If the crowd is getting behind you and havin' fun you will perform better and etc.

    love to all,

    Tim Dudley

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    This show was excellent for 1977, but certainly not in general. But I must admit, that Elvis' voice sounded really good on some of the songs. To my ears "Trying To Get To You", "My Way" and "I Really Don't Want To Know" are simply outstanding. His voice thrills me every time I hear these songs. The other songs are well performed, but not outstandingly good.

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