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Thread: Brightest Star On Sunset Blvd Vol 2

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    The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard Vol.2


    Sweet Caroline
    Suspicious minds
    I just can't help believin'
    I just can't help believin'
    Tomorrow never comes
    Running scared (few lines only)
    Mary in the morning
    Twenty days and twenty nights
    You've lost that loving feeling
    I just can't help believin'
    Heart of Rome (x-rated version)
    Johnny B Goode
    Make the world go away
    Stranger in my own hometown (x-rated full version)
    I washed my hands in muddy water

    Label: Fort Baxter 2206
    Released: 1998
    Sound quality: very good

    Date: July 24, 1970
    Location: RCA Studios, Hollywood

    Reviews: n/a
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    Review for Brightest Star vol. 2

    Brightest Review

    The Content
    Vol. 2 is so much more better than the first volume. The songs involved are rare and unique. Elvis is in a great mood and is having fun. His voice is top notch with most of the songs chosen, but those that he has trouble with, we get to see how hard they were to sing. We are like a fly on the wall listening in on how a magic show is put together.
    The sound is excellent and the music is crisp and clear for us to listen to.
    RCA and FTD is lacking in putting out music that were the rehearsals during the That's the Way It Is movie. There is so much more music out there that is unreleased and I am sure are gems not yet heard.

    The Songs
    I am just going to hit the highlights of this CD.

    Suspicious Minds-Sounds totally different with only the rhythm section.
    Tomorrow Never Comes-Impressive try on this one. We see why Elvis never did this song live. Very hard to finish, but cool to hear him try. We see that Elvis is just human and he can not do everything.
    Heart of Rome-Man another tough song to sing. The master take of this song was a spliced take and we can hear why. This is one of my all time favorite songs by Elvis. Great tune. You can hear this song take a toll on his vocal cords, but he is still having fun doing it. Cool to hear Elvis say he would of liked to have had a mandolin playing during the song. With some off color remarks from Elvis makes this a funny tune to hear.
    Stranger in my Own Home Town-Good blues tune. With some off color wording from our man, Elvis.

    This CD is just great. We really get to hear how a show is put together and how the songs are rehearsed. All of the songs were performed on July 24, 1970 and these are gold mines for us. If you find this CD get it. It is a must for any Elvis fan around. Leading the band and interacting with them is worth the amount of the CD alone.

    Fort Baxter keep up the excellent work out there

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    this ones even better then the first the man's a legend what more can i say wound like more live stuff from 1970

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