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    Southern Nights

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    Live in: Various Tour Cities

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help
    1. That's All Right
    2. It's Now Or Never
    3. Help Me
    4. Steamroller Blues
    5. Heartbreak Hotel
    6. Release Me
    7. Polk Salad Annie
    8. I'll Remember You
    9. Little Darlin'
    10. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    11. Trying To Get To You
    12. You Gave Me A Mountain
    13. Help Me Make It Through The Night
    14. Fairytale
    15. Jambalaya
    16. Big Boss Man
    17. It's Midnight
    18. Promised Land
    19. Trouble
    20. T-R-O-U-B-L-E
    21. Hawaiian Wedding Song
    22. Blue Suede Shoes
    23. For The Good Times
    24. I Can't Stop Loving You
    25. I'm Leavin'

    "The Eyes Of Texas" - recorded live in Houston, TX. on June 4, 1975
    Tracks 1-3 - recorded live in Atlanta, GA. on April 30, 1975
    Track 4 - recorded live in Atlanta, GA. on May 2, 1975
    Tracks 5 & 6 - recorded live in Huntsville, AL. on June 1, 1975 at the afternoon show
    Tracks 7-9 - recorded live in Huntsville, AL. on June 1, 1975 at the evening show
    Track 10 - recorded live in Mobile, AL. on June 2, 1975 at the evening show
    Tracks 11 & 12 - recorded live in Houston, TX. on June 5, 1975
    Track 13 - recorded live in Jackson, MS. on June 9, 1975
    Track 14 - recorded live in Memphis, TN. on June 10, 1975
    Track 15 - recorded live in Lake Charles, LA. on May 4, 1975
    Tracks 16-18 - recorded live in Macon, GA. on April 24, 1975
    Tracks 19-23 - recorded live in Huntsville, AL. on May 31, 1975 at the afternoon show
    Tracks 24 & 25 - recorded live in Huntsville, AL. on May 31, 1975 at the evening show

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    I really like this one. The 'best of tour' compilations like this one and "Spring Tours 77" are really great. I already have so much more or less complete shows on CD, that this is a very welcome alternative.

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    Southern nights

    This CD is, IMHO, one of FTD's best! Personally I like Elvis in 1975. And on this CD he features a number of songs which he had not sung for a while and they sound really good. I appreciate how FTD left in some of the dialogue, like at the beginning of "Polk Salad Annie." Really neat stuff. I will be playing this one for a long time. Thanks FTD!


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    Review for Southern Nights

    Southern Hospitality

    Great CD that combines the best of the '75 spring tours.
    The pictures, in my opinion, should of been a collage of them from the spring tours of '75. That way we would have a portfolio of Elvis through the tours taken for this CD. The sound of the CD is fantastic. The songs are clear and crisp and Elvis is in a great mood in all of them.

    That's All Right-Great kicking song. Elvis is really into this song and gives it his all.

    It's Now or Never-Just a great song with a great performance. It is nice to have this song with Elvis singing it as good as he did in the early 60's.

    Help Me -New song for the previous year and Elvis shows us why he is the best there every was and is for that matter.

    Steamroller Blues-Elvis shows us how he was not just the King of Rock 'n' Roll, but he was also King of the Blues. Great blues tune and you just know that Elvis was movin to this tune.

    Heartbreak Hotel-His first million seller and still rocks away.

    Release Me-Nice to have an excellent sounding version from '75 of this song.

    Polk Salad Annie-Now my opinion, Elvis could not do this song like he did in That's the Way It Is, but he comes close here.

    I'll Remember You-When Elvis sings this song you know people thought of the Aloha Special. Great song and great singing. Very passionate.

    Little Darlin'-Not one of my favorites, but fun to listen too. Most of the time I skip it.

    Bridge Over Troubled Water-This is just a wonderful song and Elvis sings it top notch. Sung with emotion and with the idea that he was singing this song just too you.

    Trying to Get to You-Elvis' fathers favorite song and he performs it well.

    You Gave Me A Mountain-Aloha rememberance

    Help Me Make It Through the Night-What can I say about this song? Just perfect. Glad they released this version in this great atmosphere.

    Fairytale-Brand new song from his new album that year. Done to perfection.

    Jambalaya-Nothing new here, been released before on a couple of different bootleggers.

    Big Boss Man-Elvis is beginning to widen his song list. This is one that was great to sing and have fun with.

    It's Midnight-This CD give us the double whammy of a single. with this song as the B-side and of course later Promised Land. Great song and Elvis seems to sing it with Pricilla on his mind.

    Promised Land-Well it makes sense why Elvis did not do this song regularly. It doesnt have the same kick as the single, but Elvis seems to enjoy nevertheless.

    Trouble-Elvis goes way back to King Creole and pulls this one out of the hat and a surprise it must of been to those there.

    T-R-O-U-B-L-E-Another new song from his new album. Great tune and I can not help but say Elvis is just having a good time not only with himself, but with these songs.

    Hawaiian Wedding Song-Not one of my favorites, but nicely done.

    Blue Suede Shoes-For the Good Times-I Can't Stop Loving You-All of them done nicely, but the gem is the next one.

    I'm Leavin'-Worth every penny. This song should of been promoted more and probably would be more of a classic then it is now. I am glad Elvis performed this song more in his later years. Great song with great lyrics and with him in a great mood.

    This CD again is really good. The sound is tops. The collection of songs are wonderful. It is a must for not only collector's but even for those who just enjoy hearing Elvis songs.

    Keep putting them out FTD

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    Great show!!!

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    Re: FTD 51 - Southern Nights

    I have to agree that this is one of the best FTD's! I strongly recommend this album for anyone that's an Elvis fan. The vocals are strong and the commentary throughout is fantastic! Great album!

    Nathan Belt

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    Re: FTD 51 - Southern Nights

    Got the CD Today, great and like you said, sounds like he's just having great fun in this concert.

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    Re: Southern Nights

    That's All Right- Good, but not as strong as 70-72
    It's Now Or Never- Great version of a great song
    Help Me- Elvis still enjoys the song and a great version.
    Steamroller Blues- Still strong and powerful
    Heartbreak Hotel- Faster than 70-72, but good in a different way
    Release Me- Messes up a bit at first, but still a great version.
    Polk Salad Annie- Funny that he asks an audience member for the lyrics of Burning Love, before delivering a strong version of Polk Salad Annie
    I'll Remember You- Not ALoha quality, but close.
    Little Darlin'- Not very well rehearsed at this point, but still good.
    Bridge Over Troubled Water- Next to Greensboro and "Takin' Tahoe TOnight," this might be my favorite version.
    Trying TO Get To You- Great version
    You Gave Me A Mountain- Great, sincere version
    Help Me Make It Through The Night- Shortened, but still a good version
    Fairytale-And realized that a good man is hard to find. Good version
    Jambalaya- SHort, but funny
    Big Boss Man- Typical version
    It's Midnight- Love this song, very underrated
    Promised Land- Not as good as the original recording, but okay
    Trouble- Starts out good, would've been nice if he'd made it a medley with the next song
    T.R.O.U.B.L.E.- Some slurring of the words, but a strong version.
    Hawaiian Wedding Song- Great song, great version
    Blue Suede Shoes- Rushed, simple version, like everything after 1970
    For The Good Times- Just as good as the 1972 versions
    I Can't Stop Loving You- SIMPLY AMAZING. You feel like you're back in 1972.
    I'm Leavin'- Glad he continued to sing this song, great ending to the album.

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