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    I wonder why its taken so long to issue TICKLE ME and GIRL HAPPY on D.V.D
    Is anyone knows?

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    It is the same reason why they won't release Elvis On Tour and Live A Little Love A Little. The reason don't know. The only ones who knows are people at EPE and MGM. I have heard that Elvis On Tour and Live A Little Love A Little is coming out this year. Do I believe this? Nope, and it is because Elvis On Tour and Live A Little Love A Little was supposed to be out in 2004 but it didn't happen. Now I got Elvis On Tour in widescreen when it was shown on TCM back on December 31, 2004. Yesterday I put black bars in the same place so it can cover up the TCM logo. It looks great now all I have to do is convert it to a DVD format and I am ready to go. I got a cover art and everything for it.

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    Originally Posted By elvislennon2004
    ..I have heard that Elvis On Tour and Live A Little Love A Little is coming out this year
    ...let's hope!
    I'd like to have a good dvd of "Elvis On Tour" and I hope they make it soon. To be honest I think that sooner or later they'll make it, especially after "That's The Way It Is SE" , "'68 Comeback" and "Aloha" deluxe dvds.
    Let's keep our fongers crossed...

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    elvis presley

    ik het girls happy en tickle me als je hem wil mail me oke gr tilly

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    Who knows?
    At one time the hold up on some of his movies(Girl Happy and Kissin Cousins)
    was that the estates of some of the songwriters wanted more money than the studios wanted to shell out.The same happened with the Aloha special,
    specifically Chuck Berry in regards to Johnny B Goode,and Im So Lonesome I Could Cry,which I think were cut from at least one release of Aloha.
    Hopefully this wont be an issue in the future,but I would advise anyone to get these NOW so that they wont have to worry about the future!

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    I am unable to order on region1 Girl Happy,Tickle Me,Kissing Cousins as they are regarded as music videos to the UK they are the only 3 that you are unable to get at the moment.
    This happened when Love Me Tender SE was released but managed to get it later so I am hoping this will happen later with the above dvd's.

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    Hi All!
    About Elvis DVD And Music they are having hard times to release any DVD due to Copyrights and EPE and with his Musioc their is so much B.S going on about THe King Of Rock Music In Memphis Right Now also about The Body that was laid out in Graceland ELVIS69

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