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    SPINOUT - Originally Released in 1966

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

    01: Stop, Look And Listen
    02: Adam And Evil
    03: All That I Am
    04: Never Say Yes
    05: Am I Ready
    06: Beach Shack
    07: Spinout
    08: Smorgasbord
    09: I'll Be Back
    10: Tomorrow Is A Long Time
    11: Down In The Alley
    12: I'll Remember You

    13: Stop, Look And Listen - takes 1-3
    14: Am I Ready - take 1
    15: Never Say Yes - takes 1 & 2
    16: Spinout - takes 1 & 2
    17: All That I Am - takes 1 & 2
    18: Adam And Evil - takes 1, 14 & 16
    19: Smorgasbord - take 1
    20: Beach Shack - takes 1-3
    21: Never Say Yes - takes 4 & 5
    22: All That I Am - take 4
    23: Stop, Look And Listen - take 6
    24: Smorgasbord - take 5

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    I had this one on vinyl in '66. I loved it then and I love the extended FTD version even more. I enjoy all the songs. Yes. even the "filler" like "Beach Shack" and "Smorgasbord". The outtakes are great fun. For me a must have.
    For others somewhere between highly recomended and should purchase.
    4 stars.

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    Review for Spinout

    Spinning Around With Elvis

    Wow!! Such a nice look. The booklet even had a picture of Elvis in the studio recording. Color was great and the pictures were clear. Wonderful to have the theatre lobby cards as well.

    Songs:-First off I want to say that if you have never seen the movie "Spinout", you dont have to if you hear the CD. The music really does give us the story line of the movie. Now with that said, the songs are not the greatest, but there are some highlights in the CD.

    Stop, Look, & Listen-When I was young I thought this title was Rubberneckin, needless to say my surprise when i listen to it and found out how wrong i was. This song is no where near as great as Rubberneckin, but it is a fun song and an enjoyable song to hear. Just as much of a rocker as Rubberneckin'. The outtakes with the false starts are really interesting and insightful.

    Adam and Evil-Elvis' voice is clear and having fun, at least he seems to be. lol He took awhile to record the master, but even these movie soundtracks he felt deserved his perfection.

    All that I Am-Beautiful ballad and it is wonderful to receive some good outtakes with some false starts as well.

    Never Say Yes-This is really an upbeat album. Alot here to move your leg to, but this is one that is probably at the moment was personal. Elvis it seemed would never get married and mayb never should of been. lol

    Am I Ready-Another highlight of a ballad that has some good outtakes.

    Beach Shack-Sort of a stupid song, but other wise cool to have to fill our song collections

    Spinout-Great title song. Had a band and we sang it live and people loved it. As do I and I love that we have some great outtakes in great sound, just wish we could of had more though

    Smorgasboard-another stupid song but we need it for the collection

    I'll Be Back-Good song to end the movie with plus to end the soundtrack section of the CD. No outtakes due to the fact Elvis recorded the master in one take. Too bad.

    Tomorrow is a Long Time-Now on the original album, but no outtakes on the next three which would of made this album a top notch CD with these songs and their outtakes. Great Dylan remake and Dylan even said His favorite person to remake one of his songs was when Elvis remade his and it shows with this one.

    Down in the Alley-Great blues tune too bad no outtakes. But at least there is an import with Elvis doing it live.

    I'll Rememeber You-Great ballad and Elvis really loved as we can tell since he did it live so many times. No outtakes which would of been nice. Maybe next time.

    All in all. again I think FTD should of made this a Double CD, with the bonus songs outtakes and completing somemore of the soundtrack song takes would of been a very very cool set.
    This is still must for collectors.


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    I love this cd.......

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    Re: FTD 34 - Spinout

    The title track is one of the best Elvis ever did. Apart from that the quality is
    poor in fairness. The next best song is perhaps 'I'll Be Back' which is ok. An i ready
    just about passes too. Stop Look and Listen is fluff.

    Anyway some good outtakes plus this release contains one of Elvis greatest
    'Tomorrow Is A Long Time'....

    Sound : 9/10
    Packaging : 10/10
    Music: 5/10

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    Re: FTD 34 - Spinout

    It's a pretty good CD, I like it.

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    Re: FTD 34 - Spinout

    i like this CD it has some pretty good songs on it. Also I love the outtakes to Beach Shack they are very funny.

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