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    Viva Las Vegas

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    VIVA LAS VEGAS - Original EP Released in 1964

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

    01: Viva Las Vegas
    02: What'd I Say
    03: If You Think I Don't Need You
    04: I Need Somebody To Lean On
    05: C'mon Everybody
    06: Today, Tomorrow And Forever
    07: Santa Lucia
    08: Do The Vega
    09: Night Life
    10: Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas
    11: The Lady Loves Me
    12: You're The Boss
    13: Today, Tomorrow And Forever (duet) - takes 1 & 2
    14: Viva Las Vegas - takes 1 & 2
    15: Night Life - take 3
    16: C'mon Everybody - takes 1-3
    17: I Need Somebody To Lean On - take 8
    18: The Lady Loves Me - take 9
    19: You're The Boss - take 3
    20: Today, Tomorrow And Forever - takes 3 & 4
    21: What'd I Say - takes 1 & 2
    22: If You Think I Don't Need You - takes 5 & 7
    23: C'mon Everybody - (takes 6 & 7
    24: Do The Vega - take 1
    25: The Climb - take 9

    Tracks 11, 12, 18 & 19 - Duet with Ann-Margret
    Track 25 - Sung by Georgie McFadden and The Jordanaires

    Marc Haegeman
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    "Better late than never"
    Reviewed by Marc Haegeman

    "Viva Las Vegas" is without doubt one of Elvis Presley's more convincing Hollywood outings with a good script, a superb set of songs, and the presence of Ann-Margret. For some perverse reason, though, the soundtrack has from the start been neglected and was never granted an album. At the time RCA considered the matter closed by releasing a single ("What'd I Say"/"Viva Las Vegas") and a four- song extended play in dull mono sound, leaving several songs on the shelve for years, or indeed, as in the case of the three Ann-Margret duets, ages after Elvis had been dead and buried.

    The present Follow That Dream release finally resurrects the soundtrack as it should, adding several outtakes as a delectable bonus, and presenting it all in outstanding sound quality and classy artwork. As has become customary in FTD's soundtrack releases there is a great booklet in a handy tri-fold digipack (the size of a 45rpm).

    Better late than never. Enjoy!

    ? 2004, Marc Haegeman

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    I love this album. I really do. But I must say that by the time FTD got around to it and I actually was able to listen to the "almost complete"
    soundtrack I found the experience anti-climactic. Almost all of the material has been previously released. Either by RCA or on other FTD projects. Nevertheless I give this release 5 stars. Although the sound is a bit to bright in some spots for my taste.

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    Review of Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas... Viva Elvis
    The artwork is very impressive. The pictures, the booklet, and recording information is top notch. The color is bright and clear which is an added bonus


    Hightlights of CD

    Viva Las Vegas-Is there a better song on this soundtrack then this one. The master is fantastic and the outtakes are very revealing in how the original sound was.

    What'd I Say-A very sweet Ray Charles remake that is done very well. Then a surprise with takes 1-2. If RCA knew what they were doing they should released this soundtrack as an album.

    If You Think I Dont Need You-Another great number with some great outtakes. Elvis is having a good time recording these tunes.

    I Need Somebody To Lean On-A beautiful ballad. Nice done and Elvis' voice was so smooooth.

    C'mon Everybody-A great fun song to sing, coupled with outtakes that brings us some insight on how much fun it was just to record these songs.

    Today, Tomorrow, & Forever-The big surprise here was the duet with Ann Margret that sounds beautiful. The early false start and then followed by the complete take.

    The Lady Loves Me-A very cool and male song. lol I wish they would of added some more outtakes of this song.

    You're the Boss-Elvis and Ann defiantly were not only have fun, but they were HOTT for each other. This song gives us that inside view. Only thing missing is more outtakes or studio chatter during this song to listen to the heat coming from Elvis and Ann.

    Great CD but I do believe though that FTD could of made this a Double CD with the different songs and the outtakes not used would of been very interesting. Especially when they brought out a two CD set of "Loving You". Other then that this is a great set with some great songs with some wonderful surprises. Get it soon.


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    I just love the Art work and songs. But to be honest, I'm more impressed by the soundtrack than the Movie itself. I just think the film was way over rated, probably due to them going way over budget on it and using two big stars. The ending just cuts off and rushed to what seems like a 3 second clip of them getting married. The story had NO MEAT, All fluff and nice images. Elvis in my opinion had a million dollar face. Eventhough I just love Ann who in my opinion should have been Elvis' wife.
    Everyone has their own taste and opinion but I found Girl Happy more entertaining and held my attention more that this movie.

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    I love the songs. But the sound drives me up a wall. Too bright/loud/or something. They literally sucked all the warmth out of these songs. It's one of my favorite soundtracks, but because of the sonic mess I hardly play it.

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    I really like

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    It's a must have. Maybe the best Soundtrack of one of his movies and here you can listen to the way it was recorded.
    "If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible.
    (George Klein)

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    Re: Viva Las Vegas

    I finally got hold of this one.

    First of all i want to say that this release has really great sound !!

    One of the high lights is "Today,Tomorrow And Forever - Take 1,2.

    And "I Need Somebody To Lean On - Take 8

    So i recommend this one without a doubt !!!

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    Re: Viva Las Vegas

    This is not the Viva Las vegas launched past year, or is it the same?
    Let the stars fade and fall, and I won't care at all, as long as I have you.

    "You've got it all together like a lovin' machine
    You're lookin' like glory and walkin' like a dream...
    Mother nature's sure been good to Y-O-U"


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