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    Burning Love

    Have always read that Elvis was not too fond of "Burning Love" but can't understand why. Anyone have any insight? It's a KILLER track, the band was hot, everything came together. It's hard to imagine that this song was held out of the #1 spot here in the U.S. by the Chuck Berry novelty tune "My Dingaling". With some rare exceptions, most notably Promised Land, Elvis never seemed to rock this hard in the studio again.

    If he couldn't get new "Rock" material in the 70's, why do you think he didn't record more covers of harder edged material from other performers? I always thought John Fogerty/CCR wrote stuff that suited Elvis to a "T". Elvis' version of Proud Mary from the On Stage 1970 Lp ROCKS!!!!

    There seemed to be an untapped pool of material from which to choose, even if the stuff had been previously covered/written by other artists. Elvis could have done wonders on almost any Roy Orbison, which all seem like Roy wrote them for Elvis to record anyway, or Everly Brothers tune. For an idea of how Elvis handled Everly Brothers material, check out "Let It Be Me", again from the On Stage Lp.

    Elvis had made such an impact on the 2nd generation of Rockers, that I feel confident any of them, including any of the Beatles, would have jumped at the chance to work with/record with/write for Elvis.

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    I read somewhere over the rainbow that is not that Elvis didnt liked Burning Love, but that he liked sometimes sometimes not, I mean, it was like sometimes he was on the mood to doit, sometimes not, best Elvis Live version of that song for me is the one on Memphis '75; what do you think of the alternate version with the Wha wha pedal at the begining isnt it soo cool, I would love to heard it played tha way on the Madison Square Garden '72 gigs.

    About more hard rock songs, I read somewhere that he indeed wanted to be a rock and roller again between '72 -'73 but it was the usual fear, just as in '74 we he changed his song selection to the usual one after changing his wholw repertory for his live show cause people wanted to see his doing the same old songs, and the true is that the mayor part of his fans are more into the big ballads, not as much with his R&B, Hard Rock and Blues material, which personaly is what I love the most. (Not that I dont like the balads, but I woudl have love to see him doing a pure rock show during the 70?s)

    About working whith other Artist, I guess Elvis was aware that he only have to move his little finger to have people as big as Lennon/Mcartney or Bob Dylan to be working with him, but the Coloner would have never let him doing something like that, remeber how the Coronel blackmailed Leiber/Stoller to get them away from Elvis when Elvis was considering them as his mayor songwriting team? or remeber when during the early '70 Elvis wanted so bad to do something with James Brown, but once again... I mean I cant belive that Elvis did never toured overseas, no matter what explanaition you give, its ridiculous that the biggest entretainer fo the XX century never playied a concert outside the States.

    Just imagine a european tour back in '58, that would have been bigger than the Beatles in the states in '64; or a world wide tour in '73 after the Aloha... just imagine.

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    I guess it was just because of Priscilla. If your wife just left you, you don't want to sing about burning love and maybe you don't feel like singing rock songs at all. I guess later on his mood was just better, in 1975 he seemed rather happy, and so he felt more like doing this one again. The version on the "Just Pretend" cd is his best live rendition of that song (to my ears).

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    time grows by

    What a great minds we have on the forum, summing up my thoughts rather nicely.

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