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    One Night In Vegas

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    Live in: Las Vegas - August 10, 1970 (opening show)

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

    01: Opening Theme
    02: That's All Right
    03: Mystery Train/Tiger Man
    04: Elvis talks
    05: I Can't Stop Loving You
    06: Love Me Tender
    07: The Next Step Is Love
    08: Words
    09: I Just Can't Help Believing
    10: Something
    11: Sweet Caroline
    12: You've Lost That Loving Feeling
    13: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
    14: Polk Salad Annie
    15: I've Lost You
    16: Bridge Over Troubled Water
    17: Patch It Up
    18: Can't Help Falling In Love
    19: Words
    20: Cattle Call
    21: Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
    22: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
    23: Brigde Over Troubled Water (incomplete)

    Tracks 19-23 - recorded in rehearsal on August 4, 1970

    Andy Urias
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    "it is hard to imagine a better performance...."
    reviewed by Andy Urias

    This must have been one exciting evening in Las Vegas on August 10, 1970. Elvis Presley, one of the most sensational performers of all time, starting his summer Vegas run for 1970. His 1969 return to live performing was a milestone in his career and he delivered the goods. By the time he returned the Las Vegas stage in February 1970, he not only was still at the top of his game, but his set-list had evolved to arguably a more impressive level.

    His show now consisted of newly recorded contemporary ballads and upbeat adult-contemporary rock songs in addition to some of his classic songs from the 50s. It was this sort of versatile set-list that he took to Vegas 6 months later and one that he basically stuck with for the remainder of his career. So when he started his third run in Las Vegas during the summer of 1970, it seems that he had found a formula that he was comfortable with and one that the fans enthusiastically supported.

    One thing that was very different from his shows 6 months before was that this time his performances would be filmed by a MGM film crew for an upcoming documentary of his Vegas return (strangely enough, his true return occurred one year earlier, so the upcoming documentary was really more of a representation of what his live performances currently were and the film also was more of a marketing tool than anything else). Elvis knew that there was a lot riding on the success of these shows as they would be permanently preserved and archived for eternity. Without a doubt, Elvis came through.

    As Elvis enters the stage on 'One Night In Vegas,' he explodes right into 'That's All Right Mama' which immediately segues into a blazing version of 'Mystery Train/Tiger Man'. These versions are pretty standard for 1970, filled with explosive energy.

    Next he cranks into a real strong version of ?I Can't Stop Loving You'. At this point, it has to be apparent to everyone including Elvis that this is going to be a smoking show. After walking through 'Love Me Tender', Elvis finally attempts to tackle one of his recently recorded songs, 'The Next Step Is Love'. It is hard to find the right words for this song. His performance of it is adequate, but it is lacking something. Most likely, it is lacking substance, as the song is really quite weak. "...Made some faces at some people in the park and didn't bother to explain..." and "...Fun fun look at us run..." Pretty ridiculous lyrics for a ballad. His studio version is a lot better as the studio production saves it a little.

    Next up is 'Words' and this is an excellent version of this song, but not too different than any other versions from this period as he usually performed it brilliantly. The first real challenge of the evening comes next with 'I Just Can't Help Believing'. It starts off a little shaky, but comes together quite quickly. It is a very strong ballad and Elvis performs a wonderful version of it, however, the master version has a slight edge over this one.

    'Something' is performed very nicely. There have been a few different versions of this song performed over the years, but in my opinion, no one including The Beatles themselves ever performed this song anywhere near the level Elvis did. It is almost as if this is the way it is supposed to sound and be performed.

    Next Elvis jumps in 'Sweet Caroline.' Once again, another stunning performance occurs during this concert. This is definitely one of his greatest performances of this song. The newer material continues with Elvis' incredible rendition of the classic 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling'. It would be hard to imagine Elvis ever performing this song poorly in 1970.

    Elvis then jumps into his 7th ballad in a row with his newly recorded 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me'. This isn't the most stunning version of this song, but at the same time, it probably wasn't the easiest song to perform live. First of all, I do believe the studio production of the song enhanced it and the fact that Elvis seems to be rushing through this particular version a little bit doesn't help matters.

    Suddenly the concert takes a different turn. The love songs and ballads have come to an end and Elvis segues into his romping version of 'Polk Salad Annie.' The kind of sound Elvis produced on stage in 1970 with versions of songs like 'Polk Salad Annie' is pretty unique. So many different elements and styles of music were intertwined which created a unique musical extravaganza.

    [IMGl][/IMGl] Up to this point, it is hard to imagine a better performance for opening nights concert that is being filmed. The crowd is into it, Elvis is on, and the band is playing tight. Now a strange edit occurs on this FTD release which in a way stops the momentum. Ernst Jorgensen edits out the band intros. Not that the band intros are that interesting, but it is the principle of it. Even worse, it has been noted that Elvis may have very well performed 'Don't Be Cruel' and 'Heartbreak Hotel' immediately after the band intros. There is no excuse to remove these songs. When one looks at the set-list of 'One Night In Vegas' it is obvious that something is missing. It is hard to imagine Elvis not performing some of his big 50's hits. Aside from a lame 'Love Me Tender' and a couple of his Sun tunes, nothing from the 50's are performed. BMG is pushing it if they think they can sell the idea that some of those 50s songs were not performed. Personally, I am not a fan of Elvis' performances of his 50's songs in the 70's, but there was no reason to edit them out of a so-called "complete" concert. Unless there was an actual problem with the recording, the songs and band intro segment should have been left in. With the running time of the CD at 72 minutes, there was certainly enough time to add those two songs that are most likely missing. If BMG is going to release live shows, they shouldn't tamper with them unless there are unavoidable technical problems.

    With that said, the concert then moves on with a decent version of 'I've Lost You'. He then moves on to a stunning version of 'Bridge Over Trouble Water'. This is the sort of song, like many of his other ballads from 1970, you could guarantee he would perform with passion and almost flawless execution.

    The show is coming to an end and Elvis finishes with a bang. Next he performs a powerful version of 'Patch It Up'. This may have been his hardest rocking song of the 70's. This was definitely a way to get the crowd on its feet and right after the conclusion of the song, he rolled into his consistent show closing number, 'I Can't Help Falling In Love.' It is an average version like it usually was. It is a shame that he usually threw away the last song. However, it seems that 'Can't Help Falling In Love' was more about the ending of an event, the conclusion of an hour with one of the greatest live performers ever, rather than one last breathtaking number anyway.

    This is an outstanding show. Something the fans and the music world came to expect out of Elvis at this stage of his career. It is absolutely ridiculous that BMG waited until the year 2000 to finally release a concert in its entirety from 1970 considering it represents truly how amazing Elvis was in concert.

    Of course, there is still some more to discuss. There are a few additional songs added to the end of the concert that are from some rehearsals. Some fans may find this as a wonderful bonus. Personally, I think it was a waste of space. Yes, I'm happy to have a few more unreleased rehearsal performances, but they shouldn't have been included on this release, especially if they are what replaced the missing songs from the concert. If BMG wanted to add rehearsal material, they should have added some stage rehearsals, as they would have been more of a representation of a true sound-check rehearsal, which most artists perform before a big concert. The bottom line is that the CD didn't need rehearsals, it needed to be a complete show.

    Aside from the inclusion of unnecessary rehearsals and the omitted songs and band intros, this is one fantastic CD. Every Elvis fan and every person out there who wants the live Elvis experience should own a copy of "One Night In Vegas ". The artwork isn't too bad, but as with all FTD releases, the entire release could have been enhanced with some additional information within the packaging about the music. I will conclude by saying that BMG/FTD still has the ability to release a handful of incredible shows such as this from 1969-1970. Let's hope that this is just the beginning. Elvis deserves to be recognised in this way.

    ? Andy Urias, June 30 2001

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    "One Night In Vegas.... what a night"
    Reviewed by Ivan Fructuoso

    When Elvis first visited Vegas in 1969, he did it using a repertoire filled with old classics. The show was based on a look at the past, featuring many 50?s songs, a handful of early 60?s trfacks (notably ?Are you lonesome tonight? and ?Reconsider baby?) and featured some other artists covers, such as ?Runaway?, ?Yesterday? or ?Words? amongst others. He featured his current smash ?In the ghetto?, his next one ?Suspicious minds? (the show-stopper), and the fans favourite ?Memories?. He declined to feature his most recent studio work deeper, trusting in the power of past, proven hits, wich he attacked at double speed.

    January 1970 saw an Elvis that relied on many contemporary hits, both his (?Kentucky rain?, ?Don?t cry daddy?, etc.) and other?s, such as Joe South?s ?Walk a mile in my shoes?, T.J. White?s ?Polk Salad Annie?, Neil Diamond?s ?Sweet Caroline?, etc

    For his third visit, Elvis designed a new show that still featured oldies, but quite a few less than in previous engagements, that also still featured current smashes by other big entertainers, but that for the first time, featured not only both sides of his current and next singles, but also more tracks from the recent Nashville June sessions. It?s as if in 1969 Elvis had sang ?Any day now?, ?In the ghetto?, ?Suspicious minds?, ?You?ll think of me? plus another string of songs from his famous american studio sessions.

    Probably Elvis relied in olden classics when his confidence in success was under minimum, because in Madison Square Garden in 1972 he also planned an updated show with many new songs, finally deciding the oldies but goodies kind of show.

    One question that remains unsolved forever is why Elvis seldom never looked at his 1969 sessions in search for material, or why, if he did, he never found it suitable. But that?s another story.

    [IMGl][/IMGl] One thing remained the same that hot night in the desert in august 1970. Since his return to live performances, Elvis focused on his own classics for opening his shows. First, on July-August 1969, ?Blue suede shoes? had take the spot. In the january-february 1970 engagement, ?All shook up? replaced ?Suede?. Now he trusted his very first record to be the opening number. He must felt he had taken the right decission, as he mantained the song as an opener for long, until in 1972 CC Rider proved itself as the definitive opener. Yet, ?that?s all right? never lost the battle completely, because Elvis used it for the rest of his career both as an alternative opening number and as a ?guitar number?.

    From the moment we hear the drum roll intro and the horns in the ?that?s all right? rendeering, we notice two important differences between this opening show and the January one (available in two parts on two different import cds, ?Walk a mile in my shoes? and ?True love travels on a gravel road?). The first change is that the drum spot is again occupied by Ronnie Tutt. Ronnie is without doubt the quintessential Elvis drummer, just as Irving Cottler was Sinatra?s. So we have a good start, haven?t we?

    The second is that Bobby Morris and his orchrestra have left and Joe Guercio and his men are now backing Elvis along with the TCB band. The J.Guercio addition is an important one, and sadly too often an overlooked one, as usually Elvis fans dislike the orchrestral arrangements. Up until that moment, Bobby Morris Orchrestra just ?accompained? Elvis, giving some touches on fast numbers and more solid backing on ballads, such as in ?In the ghetto?, using the arrangements that Bergen White and others have wrote for Elvis studio outings. In songs not previously recorded by Elvis, they used ?ad hoc? arrangements, nice but improvised, such as in ?Yesterday?. In February 1970, Glenn Hardin made a great effort to put some order on Elvis orchrestrations, as evidenced in ?The wonder of you? and ?Let it be me?, both written by him. But still Elvis didn?t have a library, wich upset Joe Guercio a lot, specially given the large amount of new material Elvis was about to perform in the Summer 1970 festival. Hardin and Guercio worked overnight and the result was obviously good. The orchrestra is tight, the arrangements have class. Just listen to the orchrestra solo during the break in ?I just can?t help believing?.

    But we are now with Elvis in front of the audience of the International hotel giving a solid renditon of ?that?s all right?. Elvis finishes the song and goes with just a brief ?thank you? into another Sun classic, ?Mystery train?, coupled in a mix with ?Tiger man?, the mystery song he introduced later in this engagement as ?the third song I ever recorded?. The song is rescued from the 69 engagement, but this time James starts the song, whilst last year was Elvis on his guitar who gave the intro. That different intro causes some problems with the band members trying to catch each other. Elvis himself starts to sing and sensing the situation, exclaims ?wow, feel like Johnny Cash?, for the rhythm reminds J.Cash songs a lot. Right there the band focuses on, tighting themselves a bit and carrying the song to a happy end.

    After a few comments welcomig the audience and joking about ?Gatorade?, Elvis attacks one of his favourite concert numbers, ?I can?t stop loving you?, with a new orchrestal arrangement. The performance is, as always with this song, great. Elvis for sure loved it, as he included it in his first Vegas show in July 1969 and at his last show ever, in Indianapolis.

    When Elvis finishes ?can?t stop?, he starts ?Love me tender?, that could easyly be titled ?Elvis holds court?. He uses the song for saluting the crowd, shaking hands and kissing ladies. He changes the line ?you have made my dreams come true? to ?you have made my nose turn blue?.

    Until now, we are listening to a very standard Elvis show, with no surprises at all, but the next song starts what would prove to be a very exciting and new Elvis Presley show. ?The next step is love? is performed for the first and only time, and that alone makes this show unique. ?Next step? is performed because it is a side of Elvis current single. The perfomance itself is good enough. Somehow, the new arrangement and the less romantic rhythm pattern makes some people to think the song really doesn?t work live. It could be, as Elvis never performed it again. A welcome adition anyway.

    [IMGr][/IMGr]Next is the 1967 Bee Gees hit, ?Words? also rescued from 1969. The arrangement is also new, and the overall performance truly superior when compared with the available 1969 versions. Elvis vocal is more defined, more mature on that song. And the band is tight. Just listen the part wher Elvis sings ?talk? and the chorus repeats ?talk?, ?an everlasting word? sings Elvis, ?word? echoes the band. Quite different to 1969!

    After some comments, Elvis starts a real pearl, the BJ Thomas song ?I just can?t help believing?. The reading Elvis gives of this song is simply perfect. The accompaiment is glorious. It?s an ambitious song, and a good one. When I first listened to this version I was accustomed, just as all of us, to the ?That?s the way it is? LP version, and I found this new version, the very first version, different, feeling the orchrestra and the chorus parts were different. Then, upon closer listening, I discovered it had to do with Denis Ferrante mixing, that had brought along a clearer musical picture than the one we had of this song since 1970. All this aside, this performance is a real gem.

    After this song, elvis jokes a little with the ?Laughing toy? and when the toy stops laughing, without pause, he launches into yet ANOTHER new song, the George Harrison- Beatles classic ?Something?. You can think that the Beatles version was definitive. You can think Sinatra?s 1979 reading was definitive (certainly his first 1970 swing version wasn?t it!). You can think and think, but you can?t tell me Elvis version isn?t simply excellent. And far more focused than the later Aloha version.

    This song has started as a look to the past kind of show, a l? 1969, but it has suddenly turned into a very contemporary show, and Elvis seems to keep on, for he choses Neil Diamond 1969 ?Sweet Caroline? as a following, with Ronnie playing it for the first time. It?s in fact Ronnie who makes this version (for me) better that the february one, as the functional Bob Lanning never quite fitted on Elvis land. And let me add that it?s superior to Neil?s original, with my personal excuses to Neil?s fans. And let me add too that Jerry Scheff hated the song!

    The sixth ?modern? song in a row is the ?Righteous Brothers? 1965?s ?You?ve lost that loving feeling?. Just as he did with ?I just can?t help believing? he makes this song his own, transforming it into an Elvis song. He looses his track a couple of times, but the result is still impressive for a first outing.

    Elvis returns to his own material again, but he chooses to preview his next-to-be single, ?You don?t have to say you love me?, recorded in Nashville the previous June, and ready to be released at fall. The song was a winner since it was written in Italy (and in Italian, as it?s originally titled ?Io che non vivo senza te?, that means I who can?t live without you). Dusty Springfield, the soulful british single made it her own, in a semi poetical musically very european reading. His straight reading had nothing to do with Elvis?s. Dusty in her 1966 top ten version was pleading, Elvis was angry. Dusty was quite, and depressive. Elvis is regreting, full of pasion. Elvis really succeeds in conquering both our hearts and the song.

    ?I?m gonna get dirty on you?, says Elvis. It?s ?Polk Salad Annie? time. This Tony Joe White 1969 hit was liked by Elvis from the start. He fooled with it in the July 69 rehearsals, but finally felt that all the glory of the center piece of the show should go to ?Suspicious minds?. Next winter he did both, Polk and Suspicious. Felton Jarvis flew Tony Joe an his wife just to see Elvis doing the song. After the show, Elvis confided White that he got trapped in the song so much that he felt as if he had written it. White answered ?man, I can tell it by the way you sang it!!?

    But this version of Polk Salad is in part a failure. It is too short and according to some fans who attended the show, Elvis was more focused in telling the MGM crew when he was going to shake so they could closely film it than in shaking itself!

    After this version, Elvis gives some kisses and briefly introduces the members of his band ?this is the members of my group?!! Yes! He just says that!!

    And then performs the A side of his current top 40 record, ?I?ve lost you?. He falters on it, having problems with the instrumental breaks, explaining afterwards that he has learnt so many songs for the show (50) that anything can happens.

    We enter then yet another new song in the Elvis show. ?Bridge over troubled water? was probably the most famous song in 1970, receiving many awards. But Simon and Garfunkel reading really seems unispired when compared with the definitive Elvis version. Reportedly Simon (who saw Elvis perform the song at Madison Square Garden in 1972) thought it was a bad version, but really his words were ?it?s a bit melodramatic, but how am I supposed to compete with it????. Elvis version is exquisite. Tender, powerfull, meaningful, anything you want to call it. Perfect.

    [IMGl][/IMGl] Next comes the B side of his planned October single (?You don?t have to say you love me?), ?Patch it up?. The song was a soulful song recorded by Elvis in June.This version is good and a bit different to the ?That?s the way it is? movie and record previously released one. After the song, Elvis sings his closing number, ?Can?t help falling in love?.

    The show is ended, but a reflection is needed. This show is considered very good by Elvis fans, but the one released on the triple cd box ?That?s the way it is? 2000 box set is considered the definitve Elvis performance, far better than this. But there is a fact about ?One night in Vegas? that cannot be overlooked and that has been pointed in this review. Elvis was presenting a completely ?new? show. Gone are the oldies, except opening and closing numbers, plus mystery train and the perennial love me tender. No ?Hound dog?, no ?Don?t be cruel?, and so on. Gone is also almost all the covers and hits performed in last seasons, such as ?In the ghetto?, ?Yesterday?, ?Walk a mile in my shoes?. Only ?Words? and ?Sweet Caroline?, along with favourite ?I can?t stop loving you? remain on the set list.

    Even ?Suspicious minds? is forgotten, ?Patch it up? covering its spot and ?Polk Salad? taking the place of the central number. And in between both sides of his current and next singles are perfomed along with five more new songs, making a total of eight new songs out of a total of sixteen performed.

    Perhaps sensing that some choices were inapropiated (?Next step is love??), that ?Patch it up? couldn?t replace ?Suspicious minds?, and that the audience needed more oldies, the songlist was from now on more conservative, but STILL impressive, as Elvis continued to include new songs for the rest of the movie filming, including more Nashville recorded songs. So it was indeed one night in Vegas, and WHAT A NIGHT.


    ? Ivan Fructuoso 2003

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    Having just recently posted on an edited track on "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" I just wanted to add another question concerning one of these edited tracks on FTD releases.
    As mentioned above we get some of the rehearsal material from August 4, 1970. The final track treats us with an early version of "Bridge over troubled Water" being performed with TCB-Band + Sweets + Imperials. This has to be from the same segment we are familiar with from TTWII and TTWII SE. While in the movie we only get to see the end of that rehearsal, for some obscure reason Jorgenson or whosoever decided to edit Bridge right befor the first climax!
    Anybody any ideas on why this has been edited? This editing without any explanation really is annoying me
    The third annoying edit of course was found a litlle earlier on "In a private moment"... (read here:

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    BTW: This is one of my all time favorite shows and all time favorite FTD releases.
    If you are interested in learnig more about season 3 and do understand German, please feel free to read my review on this opening show on my homepage:

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    My only problem with this release is that the bonus tracks add nothing to the whole. I give the concert 5 stars. The bonus tracks 3 stars. Overall: 4 stars.

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    August 10, 1970 Elvis' opening night his 3rd visit to the International and boy did he rock the joint! Long live the KING!

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    Together with" on tour rehearsals" the best follow that dream to me........

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    Does anyone know why Dont Be Cruel and Heartbreak Hotel are not there if the songs
    were performed. Really annoying me too.
    I have a new song had a new song don't have a new song the song is comming out by me

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    What a great release. The sound is almost perfect. The show is simply superb!!!

    Great setlist, very dynamic...can't go wrong with this one folks !
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    FTD #8-One Night In Vegas

    I love Elvis' live material from the 70s, and from the looks of things, FTD has put out a spectacular release. Elvis was still on an emotional high from returning to live performing, (not to mention I'm sure he was thrilled to be out of the never ending stream of movies), and though I do not own this FTD release, (I only own "Dixieland Rocks" and "Out In Hollywood"), I'm sure Elvis turns in nothing less than a spectacular performance. So, all I can say is kudos to FTD for this, and PLEASE don't delete it before I can get it.

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    Re: FTD 08 - One Night In Vegas

    this is one of my favorite FTD's,i listen to this concert often!! the set list is great,the band is great (as always),and Elvis is amazing!!! if you don't have this get it you wont be dissapointed!! although i wonder why they ommited the band intro's?
    Play it James!

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    Re: One Night In Vegas

    my alltime fav FTD
    Old Times they are not forgotten

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