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Thread: Elvis's favorite musicians of the 70's

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    Elvis's favorite musicians of the 70's

    What do think were Elvis's favorite musicians,singers, bands of the 70's were. It can be rock, country, soul, whatever genre you can think of. I was curious to know what Elvis liked to listen to in the 70's and if any of the music from that time was inspiring to him at all? Thanks guys!!!

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    I know that he liked the songs Tom Jones did...esp. "green green grass of home"...others? I think you just have to look through almost any Elvis' 70's song and get to know who has performed it before him...that's what he did to the song of the singers he liked-recorded it called, honey?

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    I'm pretty sure as far as female singers went he liked Olivia-Newton John and the canadian Anne Murray.

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    I think his tastes changed quite a bit during the decade. In 1970 he was obviously still listening to rock material such as The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival, contemporary pop such as BJ Thomas and Simon and Garfunkel, and country rock from the likes of Tony Joe White and Joe South.

    By 1972 Elvis? preference appears to be for introspective ballads, and his interest in this type of song seems to have remained for the rest of his life. Country and gospel were also constant throughout the decade, and I would guess from some of the songs that Elvis recorded in later years; ?Hurt?& ?Pledging My Love? for example, that he still liked to dig out records that he had bought many years previously and re-discover them.

    I think if Elvis liked a song he would always return to it. We know that he made a home recording of ?Danny Boy? whilst stationed in Germany in 1959, but he didn?t get around to cutting for RCA until 1976. However, I reckon it?s a safe bet that the song was performed many times in the interim at private singing sessions.

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    Rick James beeotch Just kidding, I believe that Elvis liked Tony Joe White alot. Who could forget these great songs"Polk Salad Annie,For Ol' times sake". I think he even wrote" Ive got a thing about you baby".A few months before his death he was planning to record "a rainy night in Georgia" a song written by Tony. How great that would have been!!!

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