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Thread: All Shook Up - Unauthorised

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    All Shook Up - Unauthorised

    All Shook Up - Unauthorised


    01. See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. Love me
    04. Trying to get to you
    05. And I love you so
    06. All shook up
    07. Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    08. You gave me a mountain
    09. Help me make it through the night
    10. Polk salad Annie
    11. Band introductions / Johnny B Goode
    12. School days
    13. Just pretend
    14. How great Thou art
    15. Burning love
    16. Welcome to my world (one liner)
    17. Softly as I leave you
    18. America the beautiful
    19. It's now or never
    20. O sole mio (Elvis solo, short version)
    21. Little darlin'
    22. Little sister
    23. Can't help falling in love

    Label: Grapefruit GRA 016 B
    Released: 1996
    Sound quality: good (soundboard)

    Date: December 13, 1975 (10:15pm show)
    Location: Las Vegas

    Jumpsuit: Silver phoenix suit

    Reviews: n/a

    Note: despite what the cover promises (Springfield, 1976) this cd is a straight copy from the superior Fort Baxter release: "Just Pretend".
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    On "Just Pretend" CC Rider starts differently (incomplete) and Can't Help Falling In Love ends with the usual "Closing Vamp". On "All Shook Up" we get a complete CC Rider and Can't Help Falling In Love ends without the Closing Vamp. It seems that at least for CHFIL this ending isn't original (you can hear the horns are faded out) and self-remixed.
    Also there's an error on the backcover of "All Shook Up". Track 20 according to that cover is American Trilogy but as listed above it's indeed America The Beautiful.
    "Just Pretend" has an (later added?) echo through the whole recording, problably to cover up the mass distortion during for example the loud singing of Elvis on How Great Though Art.
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    O how I love this album! The song 'Just Pretend' is performed so well!

    To Geert: I think that they both have an eco. Both "Just Pretend" and "All Shook Up". They sound the same to me.

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    Sorry my misstake.

    I just found out that I had two different releases of this album. One dated 75-07-14 (the one with sound errors) and the 75-12-13 show. The have been differently edited and the latter show has a better sound. That's my opinion . But a funny thing is that the one with better sound quality doesn't match the track list on the back cover. HMMMM.

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    this is an ok release however the source tape that was used is not first gen, that came on another cd release from some years back , i say just pretend was the better of all the releases so far.

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