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Thread: My, It's Been a Long Long Time

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    My, It's Been a Long Long Time


    Sweet Inspiration (Sweet Inspirations) (Duluth, Oct.16, 1976)
    The Last Time I Saw Him (Sweet Inspirations) (Duluth, October 16, 1976)
    Introductions (Sweet Inspirations) (Duluth, October 16, 1976)

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    See See Rider
    I Got A Woman/Amen
    Love Me
    If You Love Me
    You Gave Me A Mountain
    All Shook Up
    Teddy Bear / Don?T Be Cruel
    And I Love You So
    Blue Suede Shoes
    America The Beautiful
    Early Morning Rain
    What'd I Say
    Johnny B Goode
    Band Introductions
    Love Letters
    School Days
    Love Me Tender
    Hurt (2)
    Funny How Time Slips Away
    Hound Dog
    Can't Help Falling In Love
    Closing Vamp

    Label: Luxor - Luxor 5391-2
    Released: 1998
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: June 30, 1976
    Location: Greensboro
    Jumpsuit: Blue Bicentennial Suit

    Stefan Kock
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    posted by Stefan Kock:

    Imo this one of the stronger mid ?76 concerts Elvis gave. In fact I rate this performance even higher than the Memphis July 5th show a few days later.

    Elvis is a great mood, his singing is strong and clear and also the set-list is very enjoyable with a surprise performance of Blue Suede Shoes after And I Love You So (and this performance of BSS is actually quite good). Also the inclusion of Love Me Tender after the intro?s is quite a nice surprise and this is also a good staright forward version. Both versions of Hurt are very good too.

    I always can?t help smiling when after turning the houselights up Elvis says it?s a big place and then proceeds without range of the mike with: "and a place to get the f*ck out off" - all in good humor off course. If you don?t know it it?s quite easy to miss, but it?s there and quite audible when you are aware of it.

    This is surely one my most played ?76 concerts. Way Better than Tuscon ?76 and quite equal too (although less dynamick) than A Hot Winter Night and Burning In Burmingham.

    Greensboro, June 30th 1976 pics: taken from


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    The whole Package is SUPERB! 7 full page Photos taken from the Actual show accompany a full track listing,review from the Greensboro Record on page 3 and full details of all musicians and vocalists on page 6 of the 8 page booklet.The photos are in Colour(Elvis in his Blue Bi-centennial suit with white shirt) and apart from a nice front cover CD side profile shot the other good picture is on page 8 of the booklet showing Elvis kneeling down on the edge of the stage talking with a young lady-great shot!

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    It's a very enjoyable concert in excellent sound quality. The booklet is o.k.,too.

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