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    This cover I designed some time ago now, and, as with the Dragonheart remake, the plan is to make these into jewel case inserts.

    However, at the moment I am not too happy with the front which I feel needs a little splash of colour. Added to that of course it will also need an insert.

    Maybe someday in the near future I will finish this cover to my satisfaction

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    you should finish this great work, spinout, it's really turning out cool in my view

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    The front cover pic is really stunning!
    This is one of the best 1977 photo I?ve ever seen.
    Waiting for the finished version.
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    Man, Ron, where did you dig this one up from, it was posted in February last year !!!!!!

    The thing that's really funny about this one is it reminds me how I made this one and Dragonheart as full size FTD digipac designs first instead of jewel case sized.

    Of course, with Dragonheart I did convert the design to Jewel case covers (which are on my website) but I never did do anything more with this Spring Tours design after posting this preview.

    It needs a little something extra, but now that it has resurfaced it does have some potential - so maybe I will finish this one off sometime after all.

    (below is my digipac version of Dragonheart) and thanks for the feedback delvisologist and jeanno
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dragonheart.jpg  

    'What, honey ? ..... one scarf for the balcony ?! ........... OK ........... gimme a baseball ! ............ there's no way unless you put a rock in it'.

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    I'll go along with Jeanno - the photo on the front is magnificant, as well as the other one, plus the font used on the front has that 70's look to it, which really sets it off.

    I hope that you do re-visit this one, because it definitely has the makings of a superb design
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    I would be glad if you finished this cover.

    The FTD design is so poor, one of the worst they ever pieced together.
    Their frontcover is a bad joke.

    Your design, however, is forceful and lively.

    So, give yourself a kick and complete it, please.

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    Yes let's see the final version the front is very very good, great work

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