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Thread: A message for Elvis

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    A message for Elvis

    If Elvis could see this, what would you like to tell him.

    I would say, Elvis you have meant so much to me and the world, your music is loved today as much as yesterday. We all miss you and love you and I hope your happy.
    Love Elvis...The Greatest

    RIP Tommy

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    Re: A message for Elvis

    I would say: Go on this way...sharing your love in the whole world through your fans.

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    Re: A message for Elvis

    I support with YOU both ... ELVIS will never be unnecessary.
    He is our promise of HEAVEN .
    I'll Remember You!!!

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    Re: A message for Elvis

    I'd say-Miss you and your talent.
    Work in Progress!

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    Re: A message for Elvis

    Thank you for all the joy you have given to so many with your talent.

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    Re: A message for Elvis

    I would thank the joy and happiness what he gave through his music.

    I LOVE
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    Re: A message for Elvis

    If I could say something to Elvis it would be:

    Elvis: In the Den you have three TV's. I've spoken to many of your friends and they all say the same thing: Elvis had it last! So Elvis, just where is the remote control then????

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