Bought this several weeks ago and didn't have much love for it... However after repeated listens I have a new found appreciation. Not all the songs are going to win everyone over. I have mentioned before that over the years your brain gets hard wired to listen to songs in a certain way and change can be difficult to accept. I love the intro of Burning Love it get the juices going.

Here is the line listing:-

1. Burning Love
2. Itís Now Or Never
3. Love Me Tender
4. Fever (feat. Michael Buble)
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water
6. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
7. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
8. There's Always Me
9. Can't Help Falling In Love
10. In The Ghetto
11. How Great Thou Art
12. Steamroller Blues
13. An American Trilogy
14. If I Can Dream

A lot of the songs take some getting used to, but some have a Motion Picture quality to them that gives them a different angle, a new lease of life. Can't say I'm a big fan of the duet with Mr. Buble. I like Michael Buble's own work, but listening to him here shows the weakness in his voice compared to Elvis'! I'm not really sure why it was necessary to bring Buble onboard for this venture and he really doesn't add any intrinsic value to the project.

Overall worth the £7.99 to get a very nice, clean & sharp mixed track list that has given Elvis a new number #1 album in the UK

What are your thoughts?