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Thread: Beverly Hills Signing Autographs

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    Beverly Hills Signing Autographs

    While making the movie "Charro" Elvis Presley was caught by a group of fans in Beverly Hills and a spontaneous autograph session occurred.

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    Re: Beverly Hills Signing Autographs

    That's so cool. I always wish they had audio on these types of videos, I would love to hear what Elvis is saying. What a nice guy he was.

    I like the movie Charro, Elvis did a good job. The video information said they cut a lot of the violence out, seems so funny now. It said the European version has more of the violent scenes, I wonder where I could find that version?
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    Re: Beverly Hills Signing Autographs

    That's a cool clip for sure.

    Check out the Charro thread thread in the movies section. I did some explaining there about the missing footage.

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    Re: Beverly Hills Signing Autographs

    Cool footage. LOVE his stubble!

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