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Thread: New ideas for future FTD releases

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    New ideas for future FTD releases

    Not that this will make a difference in actual products releases, but I really do believe that FTD is getting stale and too much routinely. I think it's time for Ernst to mix it up a bit. Try something new. Finish out the 2011 year as planned with the classic albums and such and start anew with 2012. My idea would be to see them do a themed concept albums. For instance, the Spring Tours and Southern Nights. Those were nicely done and there's enough tours to cover "the best of" series to make some good high quality releases and bring back some interest to the label. Another idea would be to see them do outtake and undubbed albums. Like The Beatles did with Let It Be...Naked. Strip down the originals and release them as they were meant to sound undubbed. And make new albums of the outtakes of sessions without focusing on one particular recording session. The multiple outtakes of a song on the same disc is NOT appealing to most music lovers and is old and played out.

    Anyway, that's my POV and what I think should be done with the label in the near future.
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    Re: New ideas for future FTD releases

    The original Chip Moman's mix on the American Sound Studio Masters.

    No, not the undubbed raw takes, but the dubbed ones Chips did and mix in Memphis before Felton Jarvis added more stuff in Nashville.

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    Re: New ideas for future FTD releases

    would love to see FTD get into the concert dvd buisness and put together a revamp of rapid city concert cd and IN CONCERT dvd from the real master tapes. I would hope that they would and could do this for all fans of this era to enjoy , and also continue with the idea and maybe release a good version of the honalulu concert as well and the soundboards from that tour .

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    Re: New ideas for future FTD releases

    The undubbed concept was done right after Elvis died-"Our Memories of Elvis" Vol. 1 and 2. I enjoyed the series. The album commented about how fans had asked to hear Elvis the way he sounded in the studio as it was recorded. I enjoyed them-but isn't the outtake albums actually doing that already?
    Its Elvis as recorded in the studio with little or no added to the mix.
    I would love to see some of the rareties from other FTD albums put out all in one place-but if you put all your eggs in one basket its all gone very quickly (from Sonys business point of view) so I doubt that will happen.
    I am fairly happy with what has been done-my only complaint of real consequence is that Elvis just had so little unreleased things in the vaults.
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    Re: New ideas for future FTD releases

    While I LOVE the idea of releasing Elvis' original undubbed sessions, I don't know if it would be wise to "tinker" with the original masters by dropping out the overdubs to give listeners the feeling of an "undubbed" recording. While I also truly loved the OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS series when it came out in the late 70's, if you listen closely to those recordings, you can hear where the overdubs were dropped out of the recording and at times, can still faintly hear the overdubs. I know that technology has come a long way since then and it is probably much easier (and more clean sounding) to "undub" music today, but still....there is just something to me that says if there isn't a recording of the song in its undubbed form, then don't mess with the original just to make an "undubbed" version. Maybe it's just me...

    I also enjoyed the SPRING TOURS and SOUTHERN NIGHTS compilations and if there truly isn't a complete concert of a particular tour that is worthy of release as a whole, then certainly a compilation of the best material from that tour is definitely better than nothing. But I don't know as if I would enjoy a whole bunch of compilation CD's either...perhaps a nice mix between whole concerts and compilations...

    Overall, despite my criticism of the FTD releases over the years (and I have certainly had my share for sure) I have to say that Ernst & Co. has done probably the best they can with what they have, especially from an artist who hasn't recorded anything new in almost 35 years! There will always be criticism with whatever releases come out either on the main label or the FTD label, but at least most of the time in my case, it's more for conversation or debate than anything else. Believe me...I know darn well what the alternative could be...


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    Re: New ideas for future FTD releases

    Promised land....please somebody at FTD Do Something with this.


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