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    CLAMBAKE - Originally Released in 1967


    01: Guitar Man
    02: Clambake
    03: Who Needs Money?
    04: A House That Has Everything
    05: Confidence
    06: Hey, Hey, Hey
    07: You Don't Know Me
    08: The Girl I Never Loved
    09: How Can You Lose What You Never Had
    10: Big Boss Man
    11: Singing Tree
    12: Just Call Me Lonesome

    13: You Don't Know Me (film version) - take 20
    14: Clambake (reprise) - take 4

    15: Clambake - take 3B
    16: How Can You Lose What You Never Had - takes 1 & 2
    17: You Don't Know Me (film version) - take 3
    18: Hey, Hey, Hey - takes 3, 5 & 6
    19: The Girl I Never Loved - takes 4 & 5
    20: Clambake - takes 1 & 5
    21: A House That Has Everything - takes 4, 5 & 6
    22: You Don't Know Me (film version) - takes 7 & 10
    23: How Can You Lose What You Never Had - take 3
    24: Hey, Hey, Hey - takes 7 & 8
    25: Clambake (reprise) - takes 1, 2 & 3

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    Re: Clambake

    Eventhough the movie is about as lame as you can get, it always have been one of my favorites (of the bad ones). And some of the songs on this album are among my alltime favorite songs:

    * Clambake (I really dig the vibe of this song)
    * You Don't Know Me (one of his best movie ballads... never understood why he re-recorded this one later, 'cause this one was perfect)
    * How Can You Lose What You Never Had (excellent bluesy song)
    * Singing Tree (amazing)
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    Re: Clambake

    I appreciate this release from FTD. I may be in the minority here, but I like the movie Clambake. It's a simple story line but Elvis, Bill Bixby, and Shelly Fabres really make it work. Compared to some of the other soundtrack albums, the songs in Clambake are actually quite good.


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    Re: Clambake

    Thought it was ok and fun when I watched it the first time when I was little but now I just think it's ridiculous and one of the worst movies he's ever done. No surprise Elvis hated it. I read in an interview when he was asked which one of all the movies he's done was the his least favorite and Elvis answered Clambake without any hesitation he said he hated it.

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