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Thread: I-Pod question

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    I-Pod question

    Was wondering if anyone here stores there CD's on I Pods. I have been thinking of doing it latley, seems so much easier than finding the CD and all that, I Pod though not sure how many Albums you can store, the biggest I found was a 120 GB, think that would be big enough to store several hundered albums on

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    Ali and Elvis

    I came across this story on a boxing site. I've heard it before but never had it verified.

    [Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley

    Elvis came to my training camp in Pennsylvania, stayed two weeks.
    Nobody knew about it. One night I said, 'Elvis, do me a favor. I got a guitar. Please come with me down to Pottsville, little town nearby, this redneck place called poonies.' I called the owner, told him to let us come in the back door.

    Elvis went up to the mike, towel over his face, took it off" - and here Ali imitates - "'You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time.
    Then we flew out the door again.

    Can you imagine bein' in a little one-horse town and Elvis Presley runs on stage? Man, people ran all outta the place lookin', gettin' in cars, tryin' to find us.
    Elvis said 'Champ, I've never done that before in my life']

    It's a cool story if true.

    Anyone got the facts?
    Tom Schreck
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    Re: I-Pod question

    i have alot of CDs on my Ipod.
    I got 8 GB and its enough for me.
    120 GBs ?! wow thats alot i think you could post all of your cds and and some videoclips *hehe*

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    Re: I-Pod question

    I use an'll get lots of albums on that size one - mine is just a 4 gig and takes over 1000 songs......

    Love my iPod!

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    Re: I-Pod question

    i have a 30 GB Ipod and it is great It holds alot of songs and albums.

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    Re: I-Pod question

    You can't go wrong with an Ipod–the Apple Touch is a great bit of kit.

    I don't use its wi-fi capabilities,just storing and playing all my Elvis albums.

    Wait until Sept when Apple refreshes its range;mines 30GB, they may do bigger than that–I think there's a 60 or 120 GB available now! (iPOD CLASSIC).

    The Touch is the best I've had;I've tried the Nano and the shuffle,the Touch is the big Kahuna!

    Colonel– check out the QVC - Elvis Memories 50s, 60s & 70s 3-CD Set on this forum–a great first addition to your ipod– apparently it's got a 1972 live version of "Never Been To Spain" from MSG"– and all tracks are re-mastered using the same sound as the proposed forthcoming 30-CD Elvis collection.


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    Re: I-Pod question

    I have an 80 gig I pod 20,000 songs is the max. I have over 5,00 on it so far. All elvis of course.
    See See Rider

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    Re: I-Pod question

    I have the complete Elvis catalog plus FTD releases and all 33 movies on my iPod. It used to be that when cassettes showed up, I didn't want anything to do with LP's, then with CD's I didn't want to see another cassette tape, Now, I can't even stand the CD cases and how they only store about 30 Elvis songs tops.
    I love my iPod and just can't imaging my Elvis world without it.

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    Re: I-Pod question

    I have a 16 gig and an 8 gig IPod touch and have many CDs stored on them. The only thing I warn everyone I talk to about IPods is make sure you have back-ups for your library because I lost my library and had not backed it up so I lost everything that was not already on CD that I own. Bt I love my IPods and would not give them up for anything! Well, except maybe to meet Elvis in person!

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    Re: I-Pod question

    i love my Ipod I can have Elvis with me everywhere, i have nearly all my music on mine(non Elvis too), I like how the "genius" makes playlists.. the ear buds hurt my ears though, so going to have to look for alternatives....

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