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Thread: Lisa Marie & Sarah Ferguson in Spain

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    Lisa Marie & Sarah Ferguson in Spain

    Has anyone else heard about this???

    Reports are saying Lisa Marie is still mourning the loss of Michael Jackson and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is helping her through this.

    I first heard it on the show Entertainment Tonight but could not find the clip online.

    Instead I found this article: (part about LM is near the end)

    Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Of York, Became More Determined To Create Community Center After The Building Was Attacked

    August 11, 2009 6:58 a.m. EST

    Anne Lu - Celebrity News Service News Writer

    London, England (BANG) - Britain's Sarah Ferguson became "more determined" to create a community center after the building was attacked by a man with a gun.
    The Duchess of York insists the incident - which saw the windows of the building on the Northern Moor estate in Wythenshawe, Manchester, which Sarah helped raise the money for, blown out - helped increase her drive top help people.
    She said: "A man disapproved of the center, so he got a gun and shot the windows out. We weren't there at the time - but it only made me more determined than ever to finish it."
    The duchess has spent 10 days on the estate trying to help improve the sense of community for a new TV program.
    Although she aimed to raise the money for a center to improve the lives of locals, it has been claimed some thought she was unnecessarily interfering.
    Revealing how she was rudely spoken to by some of the young people, Sarah told the Radio Times magazine: "I prefer it when people don't recognize me."
    "The hoodies I spoke to thought I was a toffee-nosed git, and were effing and blinding. But that's fine. I wanted them to realize that not everybody is automatically going to think they are bad."
    Sarah - the ex-wife of Prince Andrew - teamed up with resident Dawn McGeown, 42, who was keen to bring her community together for the show.
    The duchess explained: "I recruited a Moms' Army to find an old building to transform into a community center. And I found Dawn - this wonderful, strong, special woman who knew everyone - and made her my colonel-in-chief."
    "She's now on my payroll - a mom-of-three with a criminal record for assaulting another mom. Like her, I've made mistakes. I wanted to give her another chance."
    "The Duchess On The Estate" airs on ITV1 on August 18 at 9pm.

    Meanwhile, Sarah has forged a friendship with Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley. The duchess has been helping Lisa deal with her grief since the pop icon died on June 25, and has even asked her to join her on holiday in Spain. A source explained: "They met in America and have become very close. "It may seem an odd combination but they get on very well and have lots in common. Sarah invited her to Bea's birthday. She came with her children and partner."

    http://Sarah Ferguson, Duchess Of York, Became More Determined To Create Community Center After The Building Was Attacked

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    Re: Lisa Marie & Sarah Ferguson in Spain

    yea junebug it was in my daily paper, seems an unlikely duo, i dont think its about her getting over micheal at all its the media again trying to put a story together.. i think its just a get together with the both families and why not!


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    Re: Lisa Marie & Sarah Ferguson in Spain

    It's probably just the MJ propaganda machine at work again. I wish they'd just let the man rest in peace.

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    Re: Lisa Marie & Sarah Ferguson in Spain

    Quote Originally Posted by Junebug View Post
    I first heard it on the show Entertainment Tonight
    There's your first problem ...
    Getlo - cute'n'cuddly

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