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Thread: 60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong

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    60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong

    60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong


    01. Don't be cruel
    02. Love me tender
    03. Ready teddy
    04. Hound dog

    05. Don't be cruel
    06. Love me tender
    07. Love me
    08. Hound dog

    09. Hound dog
    10. Love me tender
    11. Heartbreak hotel
    12. Don't be cruel
    13. Too much
    14. When my blue moon turns to gold again
    15. Peace in the valley

    16. TV Guide presents Elvis (complete interview - August 6, 1956)

    Label: UN 10001
    Released: 1994
    Sound quality: good

    Date - tracks 01-04 : September 9, 1956 (Ed Sullivan Show)
    Location: Hollywood, CBS Studios

    Date - tracks 05-08 : October 28, 1956 (Ed Sullivan Show)
    Date - tracks 09-15 : January 6, 1957 (Ed Sullivan Show)
    Location: New York, CBS Studios

    Reviews: n/a
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    I personally think this was a nice release myself, the sound is very good for such old recordings, but after the release of RCA's Golden Box on LP and CD, this import cd is not needed anymore.
    BUT if you ever come across a copy of this one, I would say to get it for the content.

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    Never thought of it as a bootleg as was great that it came free in tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamhekev View Post
    Never thought of it as a bootleg as was great that it came free in tho.
    The Elvis Medley was a great part of his concerts in 70-s.Some may think that Elvis sang this old stuff as Hound Dog,Jailhouse Rock,Heartbreack hotel,Don't be Cruel and others wethout an inspiration and did it as a,probably,some kind of the ruteen.But it's not exactly what it all was about.
    Elvis said that he wasn't amused of singing this songs.If you know, the problem was of that kind:if he would always sing all the new songs and forget abut old ones-It may cause the falling of the popularity,and one the opposite way-if he will do too much of new,It won't be good too.That's why he did some of the old songs(medley) and combined them with new,so as he paid some kind of the respect to such a melodys,with the help of which he quickly became popular during the beginning of his amazing career.[YT][/YT]

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