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Thread: The Way It Was (CD reissue)

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    The Way It Was (CD reissue)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Live in: Culver City, CA. - July, 1970/Las Vegas, NV. - August, 1970


    01: Words
    02: The Next Step Is Love
    03: Ghost Riders In The Sky
    04: Love Me
    05: That's All Right
    06: I Got A Woman
    07: I've Lost You
    08: I Can't Stop Loving You
    09: Just Pretend
    10: Words
    11: I Just Can't Help Believin'
    12: Something
    13: Polk Salad Annie
    14: Mary In The Morning
    15: You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
    16: Sweet Caroline
    17: Hound Dog
    18: Heartbreak Hotel
    19: Don't Be Cruel
    20: Blue Suede Shoes
    21: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
    22: Mystery Train/Tiger Man
    23: The Wonder Of You
    24: One Night
    25: All Shook Up

    Tracks 1 & 2 - recorded in rehearsal at MGM Studios on July 14, 1970
    Tracks 3 & 4 - recorded in rehearsal at MGM Studios on July 15, 1970
    Tracks 5 - 9 - recorded in rehearsal at MGM Studios on July 24, 1970
    Tracks 10 & 11 - recorded in rehearsal at MGM Studios on July 29, 1970
    Track 12 - recorded in rehearsal in Las Vegas on August 4, 1970
    Tracks 13 & 14 - recorded in rehearsal in Las Vegas on August 7, 1970
    Track 15 - recorded in rehearsal in Las Vegas on August 10, 1970
    Track 16 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 10, 1970
    Tracks 17 & 18 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 11, 1970 at the dinner show
    Track 19 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 11, 1970 at the midnight show
    Tracks 20 & 21 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 12, 1970 at the dinner show
    Track 22 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 12, 1970 at the midnight show
    Tracks 23 - 25 - recorded live on stage in Las Vegas on August 13, 1970 at the dinner show
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    The Follow That Dream CD, TTWII – in the classic album series has been most anticipated by Elvis fans. Presley’s 1970 summer season was a career peak with stunning live performances and without doubt the king never looked or sounded better in his life. This period has become a strong fan favourite and the original album stayed in the U.S Billboard charts for almost six months on release. Around this period of Elvis’s life he was about to take Las Vegas by storm and this CD is testament to his talents.

    The new FTD release features the original artwork and a great booklet with many live on-stage, and rehearsal shots among them.The cover pic on the booklet is really cool too [cool black jacket & shades]. Elvis is pictured in rehearsal with his red shirt and it’s a great picture – similar to the “Mary In The Morning” section from the TTWII SE DVD. There’s also a great pic of Elvis wearing his white tasseled jumpsuit which he was reported to wear on the opening night of the 1970 Summer Season engagement. The booklet has some additional behind the scenes information plus various LP sleeves and rare 45 single covers and a clutch of fantastic live on-stage pictures with one newspaper cutting to finish off; I could go into more detail but the booklet is really nicely put together and very cool indeed.

    The original CD boosted by the additional tracks just gets better and better with every play and let me say that the sound is absolutely first class –a tad better than the 2000 released, 3-CD BOX SET VERSION – DSD is still the big Kahuna for me but the FTD budget doesn’t cover that expense and really it’s just nitpicking because there’s nothing to choose between the two formats, except a bit more bass with DSD mastering. Instruments just jump out at you including trumpets I’ve never heard before and a subtle, James Burton talking guitar on, “The Next Step Is Love”]track 11] – the whole CD sounds fantastic through my iPod & small speakers and if you have got a top end sound system, you will be in for a real treat.

    The album is a real grower, a box of delights – every time you open it, you’ll find something new – ‘I Just Can’t Help Believin” is the quintessential 1970s Elvis track followed by “Twenty Day And Twenty Nights,” a sublime ballad enhanced by the great audio and that great lyric,”I fooled around and did it well, but I couldn’t ring the bell without her, whooa.”Fan-tass-tic!

    Next up is “How The Web Was Woven” which is enjoyable but it lacks the soul found in the little snippet found in the DVD movie version. The “Patch it Up” live version really does smoke and your instantly transported back to August 1970 and Elvis knocking em’ dead at the International Hotel. Great stuff!

    The next tracks - 5,6,7,8 and 9 all sound superb, all benefiting from the upgraded audio. Track 10 is the Elvis classic, “Stranger In The Crowd” and it’s well known that the live version is a classic but this studio version can be held in the same vein with the clear audio improving the listening experience; Elvis’s vocals are as clear as a bell, a real treat plus, more instrumentation is revealed. I Love it!

    Track 10 - ‘The Next Step Is Love” sounds fantastic and anyone of a romantic nature can identify with the lyrics by writers Paul Evans & Paul Parnes, “we walked barefoot through the misty meadows laughing at each other in the rain, made some faces at some people in the park and didn’t bother to explain, fun fun, look at us run going nowhere special really fast, but we’ve yet to taste the icing on the cake that we’ve been baking with the past, and the next step is love, so what are we waiting for, the next step is love, girl it’s for sure.” – I love these lyrics how they flow and tell a story– Elvis sings them fantastic and just listen to those trumpets @0.40.

    Track 12 - ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,” is another great track. Tracks 13 to 21 are the bonus songs and the highlights are a brilliant “Patch It Up” [studio version] with Elvis really pushing the song at the end “ga ga, ga ga.”
    Great stuff! “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Little Sister/Get Back” and “Something” – are all live tracks and they sound superb. Three versions of ‘Patch It Up” finish CD 1 in rocking style and it’s great to hear the King working on those songs, including his frustrations [with some strong language].

    The “Tiger man” loose jam starts the sessions CD and features some laid back guitar from James Burton.Superb!
    “Twenty Days And Twenty Nights” is next with rehearsal takes 1,2 and 3 – the false starts add to the work in progress feel of the sessions but the first real highlight is “I’ve Lost You”[rehearsal take 1] Elvis says, “it’s got so many words man, you can’t look away from this son of a ***** for a minute,’ before performing a great rehearsal version. Elvis really puts in a soulful vocal performance and is a highlight of the second disc.

    Other highlights include: You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me [composite version] which is followed by a delicious riff by JB [does anyone know what the song is? Love to hear more!].

    Tracks 8 & 9 are “The Stranger In The Crowd” rehearsal takes 1,3,4 & 5 plus the Master take 9 - rough mix [track 9] with the first takes nearly blowing Elvis’s f******pipes;these takes are very enjoyable to listen to.

    “Mary In The Morning” has four takes with the last being absolutely gorgeous, featuring wonderful harmonica, wailing and soulful; delicate & sweet. A really fabulous version and one of the definitive high spots of this 2-CD collection.

    Tracks 11 to 17 include various rehearsals, false starts and multiple takes – a bluesy ‘Just Pretend’ is one of the highlights and, ‘The Next Step Is Love” with Elvis singing the words in the wrong order. The last five or six tracks to finish the CD include studio chatter with a work-in-progress type feel.

    Finally, the TTWII FTD 2-CD is a mammoth release and a real corker with great backing from the cream of Nashville’s musicians; his own TCB band plus great vocal accompaniment from the Imperial’s & The Sweet Inspirations. Longtime Elvis fans will greet these songs like old friends and with the new fresh audio they sound better than ever. Another fantastic release from the FTD label.

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    Info on "The way it was" cd, Released: 2008/04 by FTD

    Release of the CD only, the book stays out of print.

    Words (1970/07/14, rehearsal)
    The Next Step Is Love (1970/07/14, rehearsal)
    Ghost Riders in the Sky (1970/07/15, rehearsal)
    Love Me (1970/07/15, rehearsal)
    That's All Right, Mama (1970/07/24, rehearsal)
    I Got a Woman (1970/07/24, rehearsal)
    I've Lost You (1970/07/24, rehearsal)
    I Can't Stop Loving You (1970/07/24, rehearsal)
    Just Pretend (1970/07/24, rehearsal)
    Words (1970/07/29, rehearsal)
    I Just Can't Help Believin' (1970/07/29, rehearsal)
    Something (1970/08/04, rehearsal)
    Polk Salad Annie (1970/08/07, rehearsal)
    Mary in the Morning (1970/08/07, rehearsal)
    You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin' (1970/08/10, rehearsal)
    Sweet Caroline (1970/08/10)
    Hound Dog (1970/08/11 Dinner show)
    Heartbreak Hotel (1970/08/11 Dinner show)
    Don't Be Cruel (1970/08/11 Midnight show)
    Blue Suede Shoes (1970/08/12 Dinner show)
    You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (1970/08/12 Dinner show)
    Mystery Train (1970/08/12 Midnight show)
    The Wonder of You (1970/08/13)
    One Night (1970/08/13)
    All Shook Up (1970/08/13)

    I`m looking foreward to get this one(I never bought the book)

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    Thanks for posting about this Albert

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    I have to say the That's The Way It Is double cd comes in very good sound quality all over.

    When first came known these tracks got released on the FTD label in the double cd 7 inch version, most of the fans were thinking? Again?

    However, there is a lot to enjoy on this 2 cd set! And also a lot of unreleased material!

    At first I guess some faults sneaked into the small booklet, because for some reason takes 5 and 6 of Twenty Days can not be found in the "In And Outtakes" section of the booklet.

    But the music is most important.

    The studio version of Patch It Up sounds awesome, made me wanna skip to the unreleased session of this song, which I did. And this part of CD 1 is really blasting!

    The second cd has even more to offer. A highlight for me was the Stranger in The Crowd session for sure. Sounds very nice!

    The unreleased tracks on this 2 cd set are:

    Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (rehearsal part and takes 1,2,4,5 and 8)
    I've Lost You (rehearsal part and takes 4, 5)
    Bridge Over Troubled Water (rehearsal part and take 2)
    Stranger In The Crowd (rehearsal part and takes 1, 3, 4, 5, and the rough mix of take 9)
    Mary In The Morning (takes 1 and 2)
    You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (rehearsal part and take 1)
    Just Pretend (Take 1)
    The Next Step Is Love (rehearsal part and takes 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9)
    Patch It Up (takes 1 to 7)

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    A true treasure release
    I wish they could of put more pictures of his in the studio for the booklet instead of pics of him in the Vegas show.
    But other then that the release is an A+


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    see see rider
    It's an awesome release with great Elvis material. I think this one has to be on of his best recording sessions for the 70's.

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    Let me start by saying that this is one of my all time favorite albums. Elvis sounds just great and the songs are well chosen.

    Although the FTD release is the best sounding version of the classic album to this date, I still get angry about the sound quality of the master takes. While the outtakes sound crisp and clear the masters do not. They may have sounded worse in the past, but if it is possible to re-master the outtakes properly it may be possible to put a little bit of care into the mastering of the masters, too.

    Otherwise its a good release that will be played quite often.

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    Excuse my ignorance, what is a digipack?

    Just pretend, I'm holding you, and whispering things soft and low.
    And think of me, how it's gonna be and just pretend I didn't go

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    this is a great cd

    this cd is GREAT and for me best year the elvis´songs

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    With a digipack is meant the cardboard box in which FTD releases their cd's.


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    An awesome FTD release. I play this one a lot.

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    #1 Ftd

    This is by far the best FTD CD out yet. I recommend it it to anyone!

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    this cd is fantastic.

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    Re: The Way It Was

    I love this box. It is fabulous.

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