Hey Folks,

If any of you had untold story about elvis during his lifetime, posted it here,

i start it with the one i got, it shows how close the presley' was no matter what ..

In 1939, when Elvis was four years old, he received a spanking from his father and decided to run away from home. He packed himself a couple of sandwiches and slipped out the door right after his parents went to bed. Elvis was lonely, cold, and scared, but as he was intent on teaching his parents a lesson, he kept moving down the darkened road. Fifteen minutes later, he heard a car approaching. He moved closer to the side of the road, hoping he wouldn't be seen. When the truck began to stop alongside him, the sound of the brakes was familiar. It was his fathers truck. Elvis ate one of his sandwiches during the short drive home. Gladys was waiting for them outside, ringing her apron with nervous hands. She thanked God that her son was safely back in her arms and led Elvis inside. He received another spanking from his father, but, this time, instead of running away, Elvis hugged and kissed his parents.