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Thread: I Sing All Kinds

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    I Sing All Kinds

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    I SING ALL KINDS: Outtakes From Elvis' Nashville Sessions in 1971

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help
    1. Bosom Of Abraham - take 4
    2. I've Got Confidence - take 1
    3. An Evening Prayer - take 5
    4. (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me - take 10
    5. Early Morning Rain - take 11
    6. Fools Rush In - take 14
    7. Help Me Make It Through The Night - takes 6 & 7
    8. It's Still Here - takes 2, 3 & 1
    9. I Will Be True - take 1
    10. Until It's Time For You To Go [remake] - takes 5 & 6
    11. It's Only Love - take 7
    12. I'm Leavin' - take 3
    13. Love Me, Love The Life I Lead - take 4
    14. Padre - take 2
    15. Seeing Is Believing - take 7
    16. A Thing Called Love - take 1
    17. Put Your Hand In The Hand - take 1
    18. Johnny B. Goode - incomplete rehearsal
    19. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day - take 3
    20. Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees - take 4
    21. If I Get Home On Christmas Day - take 1
    22. I't Won't Seem Like Christmas - take 3
    23. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day (remake) - take 2

    none, please submit
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    Underrated sessions, I think these show even more sensitivity than the records from 1970. Not that I dislike that year, but Elvis seemingly went back to country, folk and gospel with a more subtle approach in '71, as opposed to the over-the-top studio version of 'Rags to Riches' and such.
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    Just listened to this disc this evening and what a superb FTD this one turned out to be.

    I have eagerly anticipated more outtakes from the Nashville 1971 recording sessions for what seems like a very long time now, and this CD really delivers.

    I personally feel that the 1971 secular recordings when collected together have always made for a credible album in their own right, not to mention a very enjoyable listening experience.

    Here you get a block of eleven tasty alternate takes of the secular recordings sandwiched between some mighty fine gospel and yuletide outtakes at either end of the compilation.

    There is also a rather brief informal jam of Johnny B. Goode punctuated with some frivolity from Elvis; singing 'Leon......Leon !!'.........'that's 'Noel !' backwards man' Elvis quips.

    Too many highlights on this disc to mention, suffice it to say, for me anyway, this one ranks up there with the very best of the output from FTD.

    Nicely balanced and well paced tracklist.
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    I've just listened this FTD and I like it: great sound and content!!

    There are many of my favourite songs and I love these alt takes...the top is Until It's Time For You To Go..wonderful performance here! I have the impression he was having fun during these sessions

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    love the tracks.

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    Great sessions!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's a absolutely must have.
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    Re: FTD 60 - I Sing All Kinds

    Finally was able to listen to this one, and it is just FANTASTIC!!!

    A nice mix of material to be sure! The alternate of PADRE is fantastic and would have been a perfect master had it not been for the end of the song where he got off track from the music a little bit. I love listening to Elvis talking at the end of a beautiful alternate of I'M LEAVIN' where Elvis says that the song is worth working on....great stuff!!!

    These are just my first impressions having only listened to it once....gotta give it a few more spins in my CD player to further investigate!!!


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    Re: FTD 60 - I Sing All Kinds

    This is a great set of sessions. HIGHLY recommended! Here is the album cover.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: I Sing All Kinds

    fantastic sound and in really good voice, wish we had more takes of 'PADRE'

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