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Thread: Query regarding the 50's music

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    Query regarding the 50's music

    Over on there is a lot of talk about the flurry of cheap European import releases that contain material (1955-56) that is now out of copywrite. Does this mean we, as fans, can now legally share this stuff as mp3 's over the internet? The reason I ask is that I am currently building a site very much like the "Master & Session" site that lists everything that Elvis ever recorded including all the live shows and interviews. I'd really like to put it onto the internet so everyone can share it but don't relish the though of getting sued. Can anyone clarify the situation - preferably any lawyers out there? Cheers

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    I know the 50 year copyright law over seas would be up for EP recordings from 1957 and back but aren't there still copyright laws in the US that would have to be obeyed for any releases in the US?
    Also I read BMG and the estate were trying to get the copyright laws changed overseas(how it did not specify)because each year more and more of Elvis's recordings will be public domain in Europe.

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    I guess this raises the question about universal copywrite laws. If I, as a European, post mp3's on a UK site hosted by a UK ISP that can still be accessed by countries where that material is not legally available does this make them illegal? I guess another way of looking at this would be like comparing the bootlegs of the late 80's that were perfectly legal in the countries where they were produced being bought by people from countries where they were not legal.

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