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Thread: Blue moon of Kentucky

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    Blue moon of Kentucky

    I heard Bill Monroe's original version of the song and i noticed that on version of elvis it starts with this:

    "Blue Moon, blue moon
    blue moon keep shining bright
    Blue moon keep on shining bright
    You gonna bring me back my baby tonight
    Blue Moon keep shining bright"

    I havn't heard this on the original version, so from where did that come from?

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    Possibly, it was added because Elvis' version is in a different time signature than Bill Monroe's original, and they sound completely different.

    Monroe's version was in 3/4 (waltz) time, and Elvis' version was changed to a 4/4 time version.

    Had Elvis launched straight into it without this little intro, it may have been too "severe" for some listeners.

    Just a thought.

    It is also the official state bluegrass song of Kentucky. And Elvis' version is definitely not bluegrass; it's more of a pop tune.
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