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Thread: Rapid City and Omaha 1977

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    Rapid City and Omaha 1977

    I got the DVD of these shows for a Holiday gift and I love them.

    The picture quality is good for a 70's TV show and the sound is excellent. Elvis is clearly struggling in some ways but I loved seeing how the sets were different than his earlier 70's stuff. I also liked how he played guitar and wonder had he lived if there would've been more "unplugged stuff".

    I also received "The Spring Tours" and loved that too. it's worth it for Lawdy Miss Clawdy which I noticed was blusier with no horns.

    It was sad seeing Elvis struggle with speech and it got me thinking that if he knew he was going to be filmed and he was still struggling then he was in real trouble. I guess that's no news...
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    Tom - Im glad that you enjoy watching them - they are much different than the early 70s stuff . just have to remember that Elvis was ill during these tours - i hav ethe spring tours as well and u are right - that Lawdy Miss Clawdy has no horns . enjoy the dvd - omaha and rapid city as well as Spring Tours 77 .

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