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11-20-2006, 12:59 AM
I saw this on wikipedia...didn't hear about this, not sure if it's true or not...Have any of you heard or read this before?


According to one of the FBI accounts, Presley was the victim of blackmailer Laurens Johannes Griessel-Landau of Johannesburg, South Africa, who was hired by the singer in Bad Nauheim, Germany, as an alleged specialist in the field of dermatology, but, according to Presley, had made homosexual passes at the singer's friends. When on 24 December 1959 Presley decided to discontinue the skin treatments, Griessel-Landau "threatened to expose Presley by photographs and tape recordings which are alleged to present Presley in compromising situations." Information concerning the subject was furnished to the FBI "by the Provost Marshal Division, Hqs., U.S. Army, Europe, with the indication that they wished to avoid any publicity in this matter." An investigation determined that Griessel-Landau was not a medical doctor. Finally, "By negotiation, Presley agreed to pay Griessel-Landau $200.00 for treatments received and also to furnish him with a $315.00 plane fare to London, England." After having "demanded an additional $250.00, which Presley paid" and a further "telephonic demand for 2,000 ? for the loss of his practice which he closed in Johannesburg", the blackmailer departed to England.

11-20-2006, 01:04 AM
Hi Franny , yeah I've heard all that before. Probably about the time of the "elvis is alive" craze in the 1990s was about the first. At that time I did a freedom of Information act request for the FBI files and bought some other things, and it was in some of that disapointing mess. I say disapointing because about half of the FBI file stuff was all blacked out, but it still cost $50.

There were a couple of things in his life like this that would maybe interesting stories if there was anyway to get the honest truth at this time.

11-20-2006, 09:20 AM
I found this fbi info but theres over 600 pages to get through.