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The Presleys moved into another boarding house at 572 Poplar in 1949. Their rent was reportedly less than $10 per week. Now this address is a parking lot adjacent to a downtown business.

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This is the first known of many apartements for the Presleys in Memphis.
Living in this sixteen room boarding house, and sharing a bathroom and kitchen with fifteen other family. Times were hard. Vernon needed to find work, Gladys was without the support of her old friends, Minie May Presley was living with the family, and Elvis had to begin at a new school.
The Presleys lived in a ground level apartement in this once-grand mansion.
The building still stands on Poplar Avenue, but today the brick-framed windows are boarded up with plywood. Walking around outside the home it becomes easy to image the conditions in which the family lived.
It was a crowed, roach infested place near impossible to keep clean with all those folks living in it. In September, when the Presleys moved in, it surely was hot, both inside and out, growing colder as the nights grew longer. It was a less than idyllic start for the familiy.