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07-15-2006, 09:26 PM
i was watching the history channel today,a programme called THE SIXTIES THE BEATLES DECADE.anyway ,colin blunstone and paul d'argent from the TROGGS were talking,heres what they had to say
we were in memphis in 1965 and we went through the graceland gates and knocked on the front door:supriced: his dad (vernon) answered the door and he said to us im so sorry elvis is away filming at the minute,but elvis will be real sorry he missed you guys.
the troggs then went on to say that they though vernon was just being polite,
years later they were telling this story to a friend of theres who was a huge elvis fan.
there friend said did you not know that elvis was a big fan of youres,he had youre records on his turntable.
the troggs went on to say this was one of the best moments in there lives as it was the king that had got them into music at the beginning .
first time i had ever heard this story(y)

07-15-2006, 11:17 PM
i watched that programe to its the first time i have heard that story. they were really suprised that vernon new who they were. they were so thrilled by it. it was a nice story.:clap: