View Full Version : Scrawls From The Wall (2)

01-09-2006, 09:25 PM
*Dear Elvis you did it like no other could, you will always be king..love, Alice
*I have reason to beleive we all will be recived at Graceland, Lisa
*Elvis, your mansion is beautiful and so are you! We miis you, Rosie
*Thank you for all you`ve done and still do today. Sophia
*Elvis, Nineteen hours from Toronto trying to come to you! Justin
*I was proposed to on the steps of your Graceland! Rachel
*EP, My boy forever! Shirley
*There are seven wonders of the world and Graceland is the eight. Patsy
*Elvis was a gift from above to show this cruel world the meaning of love! Midge
*You were so bright for the world to see and you are still a Flaming Star! Rin
*E, you`re groovy! Sean
*Everybody`s got a little Elvis in `em! Paul
*Elvis you will always rule memphis! Belinda
*You rocka my hula! Marie
*Elvis, mom liked you more than she did dad! Jenny
*I`d walk a mile in your shoes any day...Jackie
*Hero`s get remembered, LEGENDS never dies. Bret
*You rock so BAD! Kelly
*Elvis, I can`t wait for your next album. David
*I never saw you in real life, but I`ve loved you forever! Liz
*E, You were a swinging little guitar man! Bobby
*Graceland was worht the 900 miles I drove to see it. Anne
*I`ve got a thing for the king..Samantha