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06-12-2004, 01:20 PM

SILVER SCREEN STEREO - Outtakes From Elvis' Soundtrack Recording Sessions


http://www.tcb-world.com/files/listen.gif Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

01: Loving You (main title #2) - take KX-14
02: Jailhouse Rock - take 5
03: Don't Leave Me Now - takes 16-18
04: Tonight Is So Right For Love - take FO-1 & 2
05: Frankfort Special - take HO-13 (fast version)
06: Shoppin' Around - take BO-1
07: Doin' The Best I Can - take DO-3
08: Summer Kisses Winter Tears - takes 8 & 9
09: In My Way - take 1
10: Hawaiian Wedding Song - take 1
11: Island Of Love - takes 7 & 8
12: Angel - take 2
13: I Got Lucky - take 6 (alternate master M5)
14: Home Is Where The Heart Is - takes 13 & 14
15: Riding The Rainbow - take M4-1
16: The Bullfighter Was A Lady (remake) - take 17 (alternate master)
17: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (remake) - take 19/18 (alternate master)
18: Viva Las Vegas - takes1 & 2
19: The Lady Loves Me (duet with Ann-Margret) - take 9
20: You're The Boss (duet with Ann-Margret) - take 3
21: Today, Tomorrow, And Forever - takes 3 & 4
22: C'mon Everybody - takes 1-3
23: Kissin' Cousins (hillbilly overdub) - take 1
24: There's So Much World To See (movie version) - take 10
25: Clambake - take 11 (including reprise)
26: Almost - take 11

Keith F

Keith F
06-19-2004, 08:35 PM
Silver Screen Stereo - Part 1

Released now is the new CD from Follow That Dream entitled Silver Screen Stereo, a sort of Out In Hollywood volume two if you like. It has a good mixture of songs, and contains, like the title suggests, stereo outtakes, or alternate takes, from Elvis' movies spanning from his second movie Loving You (1957) up to his last starring role in The Trouble With Girls (1968). I thought I would take the opportunity of reviewing this CD, as I personally love alternate takes and recording session's stuff. I actually prefer this sort of thing to live concerts.

The CD starts with Loving You (Fast Version - Take 14). We've actually had all 21 takes of this version and all 12 takes of the slow version for years on the Bootleg Loving You Recording Sessions, but not in this Great quality. Out of the 21 takes it took Elvis to get the song the way he wanted it, there are 15 complete takes. Of these complete takes, 1, 8 and 21, along with false start take 20, were released officially on Essential Elvis Vol. 1 and take 13 (with faded ending) was released on the 50's Masters box The King Of Rock 'n' Roll (Disc 5). Now we have this new take 14 in beautiful Binaural Stereo, and it's been well worth the wait. Now that BMG have re-discovered (or re-purchased) these "lost" session tapes, maybe we'll get more alternate takes from this session. By the way, of the slow version of this song, there are 6 complete takes, and only 3 of these takes have been released officially. Now we might get them again in this great Binaural Stereo quality.

Jailhouse Rock (Take 5) was also first released on Essential Elvis Vol. 1 but again, this time it is in Binaural Stereo. How different this song sounds, now it is released this way with unedited intro and ending. Superb!!! It's like hearing this song again for the first time.

Next is Don't Leave Me Now (Hit Record version - Takes 16, 17 and 18). After two false starts, we get complete take 18, and again in Binaural Stereo. With these 50's tracks now released in Binaural Stereo, I wonder if BMG now have all of these "lost" session tapes back in their hands. I hope so as it would be great to hear binaural versions of Treat Me Nice, I Want To Be Free and Baby I Don't Care, which were recorded at the same session as Don't Leave Me Now. I don't know how Ernst Jorgensen can say that the sound quality on these 50's binaural tracks is bad, these sound Fantastic.

The next four songs we've had before on the five disc Bootleg set Caf? Europa Sessions. They too were in stereo, but not in this sound quality. Firstly we get Takes 1 and 2 of Tonight Is So Right For Love, with Elvis getting told off for "clicking" his fingers during the intro.

Then we get Take 13 of Frankfurt Special (Fast Version). This was actually first released on Legendary Performer Vol. 3, but it was wrongly stated as Take 2. Here we get this take complete with studio chat and unfaded ending. The mixing here really brings the bass and guitar into focus, much better in my opinion.

Doin' The Best I Can (Take 3) is next, and Elvis sings this slightly slower than the Released version (Take 13). Also the backing music and vocals here are actually quite different. As this was the first complete take of this song, you can see that it needed working on to get it right. This is still a nice take never the less. By the way, Take 9 was released officially on the 1997 CD version of GI Blues.

Shoppin' Around (Take 1) is next, and Elvis is just getting the feel of this song. Never the less, this is a great first attempt, but it did need working on to get it to the master (Take 11) stage. Takes 3 (false start) and 5 were released on The Silver Box some years back, but this take just seems much better in sound quality.

It's great to get another unreleased take of Summer Kisses Winter Tears. Here we get Takes 8 (false start) and 9. Take 14 was released on Collectors Gold in 1990. The drums on this take are a little over powering, and Elvis' voice doesn't seem as sincere as the released version (Take 20). I actually prefer the master to this take, as it doesn't have those annoying drums up front.

In My Way (Take 1) we've had before on the Bootlegs Behind Closed Doors, and Wild In The Country Sessions, but not in stereo as we have here. Take 2 was released in stereo on the Bootleg Elvis Meets Presley, but not in quality like this. Also the left and right channels were crossed on that CD.

Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 1) is great to hear in stereo too. As there are only two takes of this song (Take 2 is the master) this is a welcome addition to this CD.

Island Of Love (Takes 7 and 8) were also first released on Behind Closed Doors, but here we get these takes for the first time, in stereo, and it's great to listen to. Elvis seems much more laid back singing this take than the released version (Take 13), and much more relaxed.

Take 2 of Angel is next. This is a beautiful song, which I've always liked, so it didn't matter which take they put on this CD, I love them all. All takes of this song have been released before, in stereo, on Bootlegs, and in sound quality nearly matching this. I Got Lucky (Alternate Master - M5) is sung slower than the released version (Take MX 2) and also Elvis doesn't sing the third verse here making it a lot shorter. Elvis nearly stumbles on the line "I'm afraid the love I've found, just might get lost", and you can hear Elvis almost laugh on the next line "So won't you tell me that you love me ?", but he continues and finishes the take. This is also released here for the first time in stereo.

Keith F
06-19-2004, 08:39 PM
Silver Screen Stereo - Part 2

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Takes 13 and 14), with Elvis stumbling on the first line of the song, is also released here for the first time in stereo. This take is sung a little slower than the master (Take 21) but in my opinion, it is just as good, if not better than the master. This is another beautiful song that is welcomed on this CD.

Riding The Rainbow (Take 1) is next, and Elvis sings the line "I'm living to love, I'm loving to live" the wrong way round, and realises straight away, but he finishes the take never the less. The backing vocals seem to need polishing up a bit to get this song to the master stage, but again this is another released here for the first time in stereo.

The Bullfighter Was A Lady (Alternate Master) is the movie version (I think, but not 100% sure), and has a completely different arrangement and tempo to the released version. I have noticed that all other soundtrack vocals, (except for I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here) are identical to the record version of Fun In Acapulco, but this is completely different. I really like this version and it's released here for the first time.

Also for the first time here, we get the alternate master of I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here, and again it's very different to the released version.

Finally we get some new out takes from Viva Las Vegas, and we come to a real Gem. Take 1 of Viva Las Vegas is fantastic. When you listen to the intro, you wouldn't believe it is the same song we all know. With the simplest of backings, just piano, guitar etc ? and sung at a much slower pace, it really sounds like a completely different song. I really wish Elvis had finished this take, but he was having trouble with the lyrics singing at this slow pace. Take 2 uses the same arrangement and tempo as the released version. This is what I love about alternate takes, how a song can sound completely different from one take to the next and sound like a completely different song.

Take 9 of The Lady Loves Me is next, and is quite similar to the released version (Take 10). This take was released recently on the new Ann Margaret CD. This now means we don't have to buy the Ann Margaret CD to get this version.

Another good addition to this CD is You're The Boss (Take 3), also released on the new Ann Margaret CD. This actually sounds quite different to the released version, as it's sung more laid back. What's amazing about You're The Boss, is that, for many years, RCA denied that this song was even recorded. So to get an alternate take of this song is fantastic. I actually wrote to RCA in 1987 regarding this song (and many more), and actually got a reply from Roger Semon. He said that the master tape had recently been located and would be released on a Viva Las Vegas soundtrack album in the near future. It still took them until 1990 to release the song (on Collectors Gold). Until that time it was only released (in very bad sound quality) on the Bootleg Elvis Rocks And The Girls Roll.

Today Tomorrow And Forever (Takes 3 and 4) is next, and what we actually get is the master (Take 4) and a false start. This mix brings the maracas and guitar more to the front, which makes it sound a little different. To be honest, I was expecting to find the Duet version of this song on this CD when I heard that these session tapes had been re-discovered. I mean, on this CD they have put out alternate takes of The Lady Loves Me (matrix no. 2010), You're The Boss (2011) and now Today Tomorrow And Forever (2013), so what's happened to the duet version (2012)? Only time will tell I guess.

C'mon Everybody (Takes 1, 2 and 3) sound a little different to the released version (Take 5), as it is sung a little slower, and much more laid back. Elvis has to have the drums in the "whistle a little a little tune like this" part of the song, before he can get it right. It also has a Great bluesy ending to the take. A thrill to hear.

Kissin' Cousins (Hillbilly Overdub) is quite funny to listen to on it's own. This is the vocal that was overdubbed to Kissin' Cousins to make it sound like a duet with two Elvis'.
There's So Much World To See (Alternate Master) was first released on the Bootleg Memphis Tennessee, but it was taken from an old acetate. It had been speculated that this alternate master only existed on acetate, and that the actual session tapes weren't handed over to RCA from MGM. It's great that these tapes have now been found (or handed over), and we might now get the Original Master of Could I Fall In Love (without overdubs), which was recorded at the same session.

Clambake (Take 11) plus Reprise (Take 1) is great to listen to, as I really do love it when Elvis "cracks up" in the studio, like he does at the end of this take, and starts to sing a different song. In this mix, Elvis' voice is brought much more to the front, and he seems much more relaxed singing this song. Finally BMG realise Elvis was only human, (and we fans have heard Elvis swear before) and release the bits we weren't supposed to hear. At the end of the take Elvis says "Oh shit!!!" TWICE.

Last up on this CD is Almost (Take 11), and it doesn't sound much different to the released version (Take 31), but it is still a nice addition to this CD.

So there you have it, Silver Screen Stereo is a great addition to anyone's collection. If you like alternate takes or not, I think you'll like this CD. The highlights for me have to be the stereo version of Jailhouse Rock (which is like hearing this song for the first time), also take 1 of Viva Las Vegas (when you listen to the intro, you wouldn't believe it could be the same song), and not forgetting the great bluesy ending to C'mon Everybody. This CD is a must have

? 2001 Keith Flynn

07-05-2004, 01:01 AM

We've got to be honest...this was a release we were looking forward to!! While Elvis' movie career has been, for the most part, harshly criticized by many, it just has to be argued that some of Elvis' movie songs are downright catchy!! And, fortunately for fans, some of those catchy tunes, as well as some great movie gems highlight the 14th release on the "Follow That Dream" (FTD) Collector's Label -- "Silver Screen Stereo"!!

"Silver Screen Stereo" contains 26 tracks spanning Elvis' movie output from the 1957 classic "Loving You" to the almost-forgettable 1969 "The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get into It)". While some of the outtakes presented on "Silver Screen Stereo" are fairly close to the master recording, many of the performances chosen for this release are very different and fun to listen to!!

To better present our review of "Silver Screen Stereo", we will give a track-by-track review:

LOVING YOU (fast version - take 14) - Sounds similiar to the master version used to open Elvis' 1957 classic - VERY COOL!!

JAILHOUSE ROCK (take 5) - Originally released on the 1988 album "Essential Elvis". Different musical arrangement in spots makes this outtake fun to listen to!

DON'T LEAVE ME NOW (takes 16-18) - Another classic from the film "Jailhouse Rock". Elvis is working on getting his phrasing right on the opening notes of these outtakes!

TONIGHT IS SO RIGHT FOR LOVE (takes 1-2) - The first of 4 outtakes from the "G.I. Blues" soundtrack. Although these are early attempts at this song, Elvis handles it quite well - similiar sound to the original!

FRANKFORT SPECIAL (fast version - take 13) - An unreleased "fast version" of this song - the tempo is taken at an almost breakneck pace. A much better song when the tempo is slowed down, like the original performance. Nevertheless, a fun alternate performance here!

DOIN' THE BEST I CAN (take 3) - A beautiful ballad - this outtake sounds quite close to the original version!

SHOPPIN' AROUND (take 1) - This outtake is taken at a much slower tempo than the original - one of Elvis' fun movie songs!

SUMMER KISSES, WINTER TEARS (takes 8-9) - From Elvis' 1960 dramatic motion picture "Flaming Star", this outtake again sounds very similiar to the film version!

IN MY WAY (take 1) - A very underrated ballad from "Wild In The Country". Even though this is Elvis' first attempt at the song, he nails it immediately! Simply BEAUTIFUL!

HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG (take 1) - Elvis' first attempt at the closing number from the 1961 classic "Blue Hawaii". A somewhat different musical arrangement highlights this outtake, with the drums featured more prominently, as well as a triangle being used at the end. Different, but pretty!

ISLAND OF LOVE (takes 7-8) - Another "Blue Hawaii" outtake - this time, we are treated to a performance close in sound to the original master!

ANGEL (take 2) - Another underrated classic, this time from the film "Follow That Dream". Close to the original soundtrack recording, and VERY pretty!

I GOT LUCKY (alternate master) - A rough sounding alternate performance, with Elvis omitting the final chorus!

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (takes 13-14) - Some of Elvis' best ballads came from his movie career, as is the case with this song. A real gem from "Kid Galahad", this outtake is close to the master recording!

RIDIN' THE RAINBOW (take 1) - Despite mixing up the lyrics during this first attempt, Elvis finishes the take anyway. Obviously a very early run-through, as Elvis is having trouble with the lyrics. Also notable is the more prominent sound of the piano on this outtake. The tempo of this first take also sounds a bit slower than the master recording!

THE BULLFIGHTER WAS A LADY (alternate master) - A much-anticipated outtake from the 1963 film "Fun In Acapulco". This one sounds close to the master take!

I THINK I'M GONNA LIKE IT HERE (alternate master) - Another fun Elvis song from "Fun In Acapulco" - this one is taken directly from the film itself, complete with backup vocalists The Amigos providing the opening Mexican chorus!

VIVA LAS VEGAS (takes 1-2) - "Silver Screen Stereo" is worth the price of admission for this track alone!! A COMPLETELY unique performance of one of Elvis' most well known film classics!! Different musical arrangement, different tempo - this one's got it all!! VERY COOL!

THE LADY LOVES ME (take 9) & YOU'RE THE BOSS (take 3) - Another highlight of "Silver Screen Stereo" are these outtakes of BOTH duets between Elvis and his co-star Ann-Margret, recorded for the film "Viva Las Vegas" (of course, "You're The Boss" was cut from the film)!! These outtakes feature a much more "sexy" exchange between Elvis and Ann-Margret. Is that smoke coming from our CD player?

TODAY, TOMORROW & FOREVER (takes 3-4) - A false start (take 3) is followed by take 4 of this pretty ballad from "Viva Las Vegas". Take 4 is reportedly the master recording of this song, but Elvis' phrasing of certain lyrics during the song, especially near the end of the song, have us wondering if this performance is actually another outtake? We think so...but judge for yourself!

C'MON EVERYBODY (takes 1-3) - Who can forget the gymnasium dance sequence between Elvis and Ann-Margret from "Viva Las Vegas"? Here we have the first 3 attempts at recording the song used during that film sequence. These outtakes feature Elvis and the band trying to get the musical arrangement right. Another EXCELLENT outtake!

KISSIN' COUSINS (hillbilly overdub) - Trying to capitalize on the fan response to the a' capella version of "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" from the "Out In Hollywood" FTD release, here we have the a' capella "hillbilly overdub" from the "Kissin' Cousins" duet. Unfortunately, one of the low points of "Silver Screen Stereo" - this song just doesn't work at all. Here we have Elvis singing the "hillbilly vocal" of the song to the backing track (which can be faintly heard in the background). Historically interesting to listen to once, but probably not again!

THERE'S SO MUCH WORLD TO SEE (alternate master) - A piano opening and the never-before-heard 2nd verse highlight this rare outtake from the "Double Trouble" soundtrack!

CLAMBAKE (take 11 with reprise) - It is well known how bored Elvis was with the material he was singing for his films in the late 1960's, and you can actually hear Elvis' boredom on this outtake. Completely uninspired outtake of the title track to Elvis' 1967 film. Although, the reprise at the end of the outtake is fun to listen to (listen to Elvis' remark as the reprise is ending)!

ALMOST (take 11) - Another underrated ballad from Elvis' 1969 film "The Trouble With Girls (And How To Get Into It)" rounds out the CD. Although not as smooth sounding as the master recording, this outtake is beautiful nevertheless!

The packaging of "Silver Screen Stereo" is a throwback to the 1960's packaging for Elvis' soundtracks. The front cover features a great mid-60's shot of Elvis set against a tan background. A tan background with a photo of Elvis taken during the "Jailhouse Rock" sessions graces half of the back cover, with the track listings in black print set against a white background on the other half. Inside, we were a little surprised to see the CD holder on the inner left panel, as opposed to its traditional placement on the inner right panel. The CD itself is black with silver print, and underneath the CD tray is an often seen photo of Elvis signing autographs for a couple of his younger fans during the 1950's. The inner right panel features the track listings in black print on a tan background. As always, we could make the argument for more extensive liner notes, but after 14 releases from the good folks at the "FTD" label, this is apparently not one of their priorities!! Overall though, "Silver Screen Stereo" features very nice packaging!!

The sound quality of "Silver Screen Stereo" varies throughout the CD, but for the most part it is top notch. Some of the songs suffer from some tape hiss, while others sound somewhat muffled. However, based on what is known about some of Elvis' movie recording sessions, including the studio enviroment, we are more inclined to think the varying sound quality is not the fault of the "FTD" staff, but rather the way the material was originally recorded. Nevertheless, a very listenable CD!!

Overall, "Silver Screen Stereo" is another very enjoyable installment from the good folks at "FTD". Whether or not you are a fan of Elvis' movie material, there are enough exciting and interesting outtakes on this release to make it a worthwhile addition to your collection!!



12-31-2004, 06:49 AM
At the time of its original release this FTD was a must have. However, most of the tracks have now been re-released on subsequent BMG and/or FTD
projects. And in (mostly) improved sound quality. Not as essential as it once was. Still worth having. 4 stars.

04-27-2012, 04:26 AM
Great reviews guys!! I purchased this when it was first released by FTD and enjoyed it then just as I do now. Really great sound. The song selections are simply fun. You can sit back with your head set on and just relax. Especially when I am just relaxing in the summer, I put this one on often and just "chill."