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10-02-2005, 03:29 PM
Wondered it anyone had heard this. :hmm:

CKX, Inc., the company which now owns Elvis Presley Enterprises, has reached a letter of intent agreement to acquire the name and many of the assets of the Elvis-a-Rama museum in Las Vegas.

Robert FX Sillerman's CKX, once the papers have been signed, will close Chris Davidson's museum at a future date -- sometime in 2006 being the best bet. It could be January; it could be as late as August 2006.

Nothing has been signed yet and no money has yet changed hands, but the deal is all but sealed at this moment.

This Elvis-a-Rama deal has nothing to do directly with a recent announcement that EPE would soon open a giant Elvis project along Las Vegas' famed strip.

While Sillerman, in an interview with ELVIS WORLD in late 2004, did say he had plans to expand Elvis' presence around the world, including Vegas, concrete plans for the "announced" Vegas project are far from concrete, EW has been told.

Such a deal would require the acquisition of vast amounts of land along the Strip and, at present at least, such blocs of land are not readily available. It has been estimated by Vegas insiders that should land deals be closed even now, it would take "2 to 3 years" for any development to be realized.

Once Davidson closes Elvis-a-Rama (a popular place for fans these past few years), he will probably devote more time to Hot Boats, a publication about racing boats he has owned for many years.

An ardent Elvis fan, he has spent years and millions of dollars collecting the exhibits now on display in Vegas.

Earlier this year, thieves smashed thru the door of the museum with a truck and made off with a number of expensive Elvis artifacts. Nothing has been recouped from that burglary and clues are almost non-existent.

Davidson may also look into opening a celebrities-based venture in Hawaii in the future. If so, CKX could be involved with him in some type of partnership arrangement.

Davidson was in the process of developing a TV series called "Don't Be Cruel," loosely based on the American Idol series (which CKX recently purchased). This series would search the world for the best Elvis impersonator and the winner would sing a song titled "If I'd Only Bought Her Roses" in the series finale.

The song was reportedly co-written by Elvis, though that has been questioned around the world by Elvis experts.

That series in now dead in the water.

Davidson, before opening the Vegas museum, had bought the trademark "Elvis-a-Rama" from Jimmy Velvet. It pre-dated EPE's trademarking of all things Elvis. EPE, after this deal is finalized, will then own all trademarks regarding Elvis.

Velvet, in fact, has been working at Elvis-a-Rama the past few months as a greeter.


SPLITSVILLE, AUDUBON STYLE: Mike Freeman and his wife, Cindy Hazen, has "split the sheets."

The Freemans bought Elvis' old home at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis a few years back with money Cindy inherited from her family.

They have opened the home (for a fee) to fans and groups.

The announcement, which was not startling to all, was made by Freeman on an Elvis newsgroup site, of all places. He says he has moved out; that tours of the home have ceased.

Fans who visited the home in August said the fact that a large menagerie of dogs was living in the house, and that the swimming pool was in dire need of repairs, made the home less attractive than before.

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Thank you for this most interesting news. (y)

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I had seen the basic information about the deal to close Elvis-A-Rama, but there was some additional information in the article you posted which I had not seen!!

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It would be nice to buy that home and fix it up as Elvis knew it when he lived there.

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