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09-28-2005, 06:59 AM


Frankie & Johnny/ Pleas Don?t Stop Loving Me 02/66 (Well we don?t have anything else to release)
Tomorrow Is a Long Time/ Down in the Alley 05/66 (released one month before as the original single released around tha time The problem with this stuff which was great great stuff, Elvis doing what he does best, is that RCA Burried it on Spinout a No.-40 Lp nobody excep diehard fans heard them, yet if you release them as a single, you get airplay, people will lisen to them. I Garantee at least a No 8 for Tommorro is a Long Time, and Elvis good boost on reputation as an artist.
Love Letters/ I Remember You 08/66 same as above
If Every Day Was Like Christmas/ Indescribably BLue 11/66 If every day... is a great song, don?t know why is so underrated, probalby because it was paired with such a rancid lullaby like How Would you like to be... Were The people at RCa retarded? How Would You like to be wHe DYlan was releasing Blonde on BLonde using almost same musicians ELvis used on the '66 Nashville session? Yet Indescribably Blue can mach Dylans Desolation Row much better than some mediocre soundtrack song already being released.


Frankie And Johnny 03/66
Sametrack list

Paradise Hawaiian Style 06/66
Sametrack list... ah whatever what a bad album.

Spinout 10/66

Same track list Except Bonus Songs Those Would be: COme WHat May, and thats it, ten tracks and bye bye, we can put Do the Vega and Santa Lucia to if you want it hahaha this is so what ever. Sorry I can do miracles, '65 and '66 where the poorest, but I guess that with the two albums I made up on '65 and the singles that I choose for '66 we still made things so much more better than they were.

Extended Plays no released