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09-25-2005, 04:54 AM


Elvis Is Back 04/60

Same track list, I must say this album is untouchable, some posible alternate traklist if you want to hear but naaa, this album is perfect, probably: Elvis Presley greatest Album.

G.I. BLues 10/60

A) SIde
G.I. Blues
Frankfurt Special
Whats She Really Likes
Pocket FUll Of Rainbows
Wooden Heart

Shooping Around
Big Boots
Blues SUede SHoes
Didja Ever
Doing The Best I Can
Tonight SO Right FOr Love

His Hand In Mine 11/60 Delay release to 12/60 (Will someone agree to delay this release till eastern '62?)

Same Track list


Stuck On You/Fame and FOrtune 03/60
Its Now Or Never/A Mess Of BLues 07/60
Are You Lonesome Tonight/ Reconsider Baby (By Popular Demand) 11/60

No Extended Plays Were Released.

09-25-2005, 11:40 AM
In other words: RCA pretty much played the cards right in 1960.

The 'Elvis Is Back' though sold much less than expected. I disagree with your opinion that the tracklist was plain perfect. Releasing this album and take of almost every hitsingles (Are You Lonesome Tonigt, It's Now Or Never, Fame And Fortune and Stuck On You) and then still expect kids to have money left to buy the whole album, is just plain naive.

The songs on the "Elvis Is Back" album are great, but it's an unbalanced list. It's a mixture of everything, and while that may work out on other albums, it makes the "Elvis Is Back" as a comeback album it lacks direction.

While the singles show a very new, adult Elvis, singing great "European style" ballads, the album is more of a stepback in time with old blues (great nonetheless), 50s doowop (Soldier Boy) and 50s style rockers.

So don't get me wrong: every song (except for perhaps 'I Will Be Home Again') is a great song on its own, but the album could have been better if some songs would have been reserved for another album and a few of the hitsingles would have been included.

Raised on Rock
09-25-2005, 07:16 PM
Well, opinions are like assholes said CHales Bukowski, everybody has one; I Like the fact that the album is "a mixture of everything", I dont think it laked of a direction, it was more like: directions! haha just my opinion. Check out the Bealtes White Album or Beck´s Odelay, is the mixture of everything on them yet still under a main frame what made those: classic ones!

1960 was a turning point year, if Elvis is Back is probably still more 50's sound than 60's yet, for april '60 I guess that was still pretty cool.

About the SIngles, except Stuck on You/ Fame And Fortune, the rest of the '60 singels could have not been included here, why? becuase they were released after the album, if you release that material on the album, you rest buying potential to the singles, in other words, people won´t buy them cause they already have them; if the album have come somewhere in Nov '60 then, include some of the singles could have been a good idea I guess.

Thanks so much for reply!

09-25-2005, 07:44 PM
Thank you for posting this one.


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09-25-2005, 08:31 PM
Thanks to You Tommy!