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Raised on Rock
09-23-2005, 03:58 AM
Hi everybody, here it goes, in spite of my bad writen english, i´ll be posting my vision of each year of Elvis recording carrer as it should have been. The whys? in simple words, Elvis Presley was the greatest recording artist of the past century, a musical genuious in many ways, a superb performer, an incredibely gifted singer, a self cultivated original artist... yet the label: RCA, has been always incompetent in the matter of release the matelial recorded by Elvis.

An album is not just a bunch of songs, no matter if they 're great songs, if they're collected together in an inapropiate way they will not shine, and that´s what hapened with almost every Elvis album. Let´s go back to he year of 1971, Paul McCartney came with an album called RAM, and Lennon with the classic "Imagine" LP, the Rolling Stones release their Sticky Fingers, if you hear the songs on both albums individually, yes they are great songs, but if you hear clearly, outside the concept of the album, in general the overall material is not as strong as it was the material that Elvis recorded in nashiville in '70, '71 WHat did happend, it was RCa lack of vision and aritstical direction that burried the brillance of the material recorded by Presley, I mean: Love Letters? the Camden releases? yeah Elvis Country was ok, but it could have been something much much better (actually as I will present latter on that could have been a double LP that in my point of view could have been the greatest album of his entire carrer)

Same with the singles, a good single is not just a hit song with whatever as a B side...

So here it goes, this is something that I been torturing myself for a number year now, I need to spit it out, hope you share your thoughts with me.

I will start from the begining, year by year, except from '54, '55, I will not mess with Mr Sam Philips vision, the SUN Singles are untouchable, are sacred, are holly (just kidding), so I´ll start right from '56.

Hope you enojy this with me.