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07-20-2005, 07:55 PM
Short introduction: Another one in that series. At the time of release it was a nice initiative of RCA/BMG to finally release the movie soundtracks as so called "double features".
Now it seems some of them aare not needed anymore, since a lot of soundtracks are released on the FTD label, complete with the addition of numerous unreleased takes.
Both the "Spinout" and "Double Trouble" got released by FTD, very nicely packaged in the 7-inch format, complete with booklet.


01. Stop, Look And Listen
02. Adam And Evil
03. All That I Am
04. Never Say Yes
05. Am I Ready
06. Beach Shack
07. Spinout
08. Smorgasbord
09. I'll Be Back

10. Double Trouble
11. Baby, If You'll Give Me All Your Love
12. Could I Fall In Love
13. Long Legged Girl
14. City By Night
15. Old MacDonald
16. I Love Only One Girl
17. There's So Much World To See
18. It Won't Be Long

Recorded: Hollywood, February 16,17, 1966 & June 28,29, 1966
CD released: 1994
Essential: no (not anymore since forementioned FTD releases)

Contents: 6+
Sound: 8
Artwork: 7

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08-06-2008, 09:08 PM
To be honest I think this set of 10 is essential. Here you have ALL the songs
from the movie soundtrack to collect. I have them all about 10 years since they
came out, but seemingly it is hard to get some of them now are out of print.

The movie soundtracks are the least favourite part of Elvis career for me. In
saying that there are some gems such as Follow that Dream, Blue Hawaii and
Viva las Vegas (anything pre 65 really).... the FTD movie releases are good but
priced IMO...think these ones were better value and quality ;)