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07-17-2005, 04:47 PM
Short introduction: Another volume in the Double Features series. This time covering both Easy Come, Easy Go and Speedway. With some unreleased takes and some tracks which did not make the final cut of the films.


01. Easy Come, Easy Go
02. The Love Machine
03. Yoga Is As Yoga Does
04. You Gotta Stop
05. Sing You Children
06. I'll Take Love
07. She's A Machine (not in film)
08. The Love Machine (take 11)
09. Sing You Children (take 1)
10. She's A Machine (take 13)

11. Suppose (alternate master) (not in film)
12. Speedway
13. There Ain't Nothing Like A Song
14. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby
15. Who Are You (Who Am I?)
16. He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad
17. Let Yourself Go
18. Five Sleepy Heads (not in film)
19. Suppose (not in film)
20. Your Groovy Self (by Nancy Sinatra)

Recorded: September 28-29, 1966 & June 20-21, 1967
CD released: 1995
Essential: yes

Contents: 7
Sound: 8
Artwork: 7

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