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04-06-2005, 07:04 PM
For Movie Fans Only, Vol. 2


01. I'm not the marrying kind
02. Sound advice
03. On top of old smokey
04. King of the whole wide world
05. This is livin'
06. Riding the rainbow
07. I got lucky
08. Girls girls girls
09. A boy like me, a girl like you
10. Earth boy
11. Thanks to the rolling sea
12. Song of the shrimp
13. The walls have ears
14. Dainty little moonbeams / Girls girls girls (end title)
15. Beyond the bend
16. Take me to the fair
17. Cotton candy land
18. One broken heart for sale
19. How would you like to be
20. Happy ending
21. Fun in Acapulco
22. Vino dinero y amor
23. I think I'm gonna like it here
24. Mexico
25. No room to rhumba in a sportscar
26. Guadalajara
27. Kissin' cousins
28. There's gold in the mountains
29. Barefoot ballad
30. Kissin' cousins (reprise)
31. Viva Las Vegas
32. C'mon everybody
33. Today tomorrow and forever
34. The climb (lead vocals: George McFadden)
35. What'd I say

Label: Memory Records MR 2016-2
Released: 2001
Sound quality: good

Reviews: n/a

Note: all songs are original movie soundtrack versions.