View Full Version : Barbara Whatley to marry Elvis ?

02-08-2005, 10:09 AM
Heres one for u real Elvis experts :D
A story surfaced in our UK papers at the weekend about an English actress named B/W ..... who it seems got the chance to work on a film in the late 60's with El (before he married Cilla) .... Elvis asked her to marry him .... and she turned him down :supriced: ..... how about that ?
She dos'nt mention the film but it seems El told her he had done a film called Spinout ..... that he thought was a real turkey.
This story has come to light because she has been working on the tv ad campaign to promote the Love Elvis album (she mimes to his songs) in the UK.

Any of u guys heard of this girl ? ...... and what was the film she did :hmm:

Did u read this story NR ?