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06-28-2013, 10:24 AM
The next one in my TOP 50:

»ELVIS PRESLEY« was the first album I pay for with my own money. The reason was a song that I heard by a friend and that I must have. It was the closing song Money Honey on the second side. This masterpiece was written by Jesse Stone.


This number was a hit in 1953 for the Drifters and the lead singer Clyde McPhatter. After hearing the artist in his car radio Elvis told Sam Phillips: »You know, if I could sing like that man I’d never want for another thing.« Elvis never stopped worshipping other vocalists in his whole career.

McPhatter’s effect on Elvis is at its most obvious in Elvis’s covers of the songs like Money Honey, White Christmas, Such A Night, Fools Fall In Love and the wonderful Without Love (There Is Nothing).

Elvis sings Money Honey in many of his gigs in 1954/55 and I am very happy that I have some of these live versions in my collection. It was part of his shows on the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport on January 22, 1955 and March 5, 1955. Thanks to the set »A Boy From Tupelo« we can listen to his strong performances.


But as Elvis recorded the song in the RCA Studios in Nashville on January 10, 1956 he have problems with the song. The producer Steve Sholes must splice the master from the takes 5 and 6. Sadly the tapes of the three hour session for the song where recorded over. So FTD can release only a fragment and the incomplete take 10.

In August 1956 RCA released Money Honey as a single together with six other singles at the same time. This silly thing kills a place in the TOP 100 for all of them. But the singles sold 100.000 copies each and that is not bad I think.

The absolutely highlight of the song is Elvis’s performance on the Stage Show in New York. I find it so great how Elvis works with his guitar so that the sound of his instrument can be heard over the micro. After that he performed it very often on tour in the 1956. It is great that I have him doing the song on stage in Las Vegas on May 6, 1956 with a fantastic intro. I must play it over and over again. Wonderful!


The next great version I have is from the Robinson Memorial Auditorium in Little Rock, Arkansas. This gig from May 16, 1956 is a real winner. Elvis at his best! Sadly he do not perform it on his historic performances in the Tupelo Fairgrounds on September 1956. And there is no version on his last Hayride gig from December 15, 1956.

Elvis comes back to the song in a rehearsal from July 29, 1970 in the MGM Studios in Culver City. I don’t know any live version after the 50’s but I think the glory of the song belongs to the time as Elvis was the King of Rock’n’Roll.

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Wanda Jackson has a really good version of Money Honey


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Thanks! (y)


06-29-2013, 03:03 PM
The version from Little Richard has a different but cool drive I think. Wish Elvis has performed it this way with full orchestra in the 70s. (y)