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King Of The Whole World
01-30-2012, 07:02 AM
If you go to this link you can purchase original newspapers from the day Elvis died. One is Memphis Press-Scimitar and the other is rarer The Commercial Appeal. They come with a certificate of authenticity.


Where these newspapers were found is on a show here in America called Storage Wars. Storage Wars is a show that follows a group of people that purchase storage units that have falling behind in the rent. These people bid on the units based on the contents inside and usually resell the items. These newspapers were found in a locker on the show, there were like 10,000 of them stacked up.

On the show they took the newspapers to this guy, who had a ton of Elvis memorabilia, I forget the website he hosts. Itís been a while since I saw this particular episode, but I think he said the Memphis Press-Scimitar was worth $5 and The Commercial Appeal was worth $10. I bought both of the newspapers on this website for more than that. I didnít care I just wanted something from that day. I think itís neat to add to my collection.

Some of the articles are very interesting to read:

The amount of Elvis records that were selling the day after he died. Itís interesting one of the store owners says he was always been a big seller but we canít get the records in fast enough right now. So much for Elvisí career was over at the end.

The guy who was working on the tomb at Forest Hills and his memories of Elvis visiting his motherís grave.

A 2 show concert that was considered being held in Memphis and which entertainers were scheduled to attend. I donít think this ever happened, would have been nice.

Articles on Elvisí popularity and will it fade out. We know that hasnít happened.

Uncle Vester taking the fans cameras up to the house to take pictures for them.

There are a whole lot more of these types of articles that I found interesting. I do not know how many more of these newspapers they might have left, so if you want one I would act quickly.